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Micro-profile: Political Activist, Advisor to start-ups. Impact Investor and ex-IFS (’91 batch).  Occasional ToI columnist & blogger. Currently involved in “Reclaiming India” – One Step at a Time.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have the time (and the patience), this is a good place to start understanding a bit more about me: Coming Out of the Closet – Who is B Shantanu?* (Caution: Long Post).

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Business Standard (Oct ’12),  Asian Voice (UK), Aug ’12 (also here),  Dainik Bhaskar, Jun ’12,

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Below, one of my favourite quotes, from Swami Vivekananda:

Since you have come into this world, leave some mark behind…otherwise what is the difference between you and the trees and the stones?

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

For more background, please have a look at my recent interview in the League of India by Anshuman Rawat. Also, read Looking Back – Two Years of Living Dangerously.

P.S. This page was revised on 30th December 2010.  Many of the comments below refer to the earlier “About Me” – the post titled, “Coming Out of the Closet – Who is B Shantanu?“.

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  1. congratulation for your blog

    good work

    Comment by vishwanath | November 20, 2006

  2. I have only just come across this blog…. All that you write resonates with me.Your journey is really my journey and I guess it must be so for many many hindus .

    It is only now through the internet that another perspective -that of the hindu (which still does’nt have a voice in the mainstream media of the country)is being presented.

    I salute your effort,like I do of every hindu who is putting up a fight for a space that is theirs to take by right .My very best wishes to you.


    Comment by CS | November 28, 2006

  3. dear sir,
    congrats |& keep up the good work

    Comment by amith | December 2, 2006

  4. congrats. with all the pseudo-secular blogs around, we needed someone like you.

    Comment by varahmihira | December 3, 2006

  5. Thanks to all of you.

    Your support and encouragement give me strength and courage to fight this battle.
    I am deeply grateful for that.

    Jai Hind.

    Comment by Shantanu | December 24, 2006

  6. I have just deleted an incoherent comment from someone called “Joy”…

    I do not mind criticism…indeed I welcome it – because out of debate (and from arguments) will the truth finally emerge…However, snide remarks and innuendos are neither constructive nor do they help in understanding others’ point of view…

    If you have something to say, please do say it…a blog is meant to promote dialogue…but say it nicely and make your case with an open mind.

    Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

    Jai Hind

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 6, 2007

  7. Thanks Shantanu,

    We appreciates your view about only decent comments are welcomed.Keep up your good work.

    Jai Hind

    Comment by Indian | February 7, 2007

  8. Well, its high time people start having a non-political view of the problems India and the world are facing alike. But, I also would like to add that India has always been a peace loving and secular country throughout recorded history. India takes pride in being the world’s largest democracy and the strongest for that matter. The main problem India faces today is not of Islamic origins, but from the west. We’d be better off dealing with the negative influence of the west on India first, and then worry about the Islamists later… and moreover, trying to turn India into Hindustan doesnt solve any problems for anyone. Gandhi wanted us to live together in peace, shame on us all for not being able to make the best of what we’ve been given… Free India! And yeah, shame on those “few” muslims in India who betray their own motherland. And shame on us again for not taking pride in our coutnry’s heritage like some other countries do. I hope to see a better India in my lifetime… I hope!

    Comment by Rahul | February 8, 2007

  9. By “negative western influence” I mean, ‘capitalism’, instead of ‘socialism’… MNCs instead of local small/medium-businesses… and most of all, pants and suites instead of dhotis and khurtas… oh yeah, one more, what’s with all the clubbing and dating and divorces and abortions and drugs and all the nonsense most Indians, unfortunately, borrow from the west without shame???? They r the real killers of India, not some stupid brainless terrorists who carry American weapons and are funded by Pakistan, that inturn gets money from US for fighting world terror… funny eh?

    Comment by Rahul | February 8, 2007

  10. Rahul, thoughtful comments…Like you, I sometimes worry about the growing divide between “India and “Bharat”. See this post for example http://hindudharma.wordpress.com/2006/12/23/india-vs-bharat/

    But I would also say that the two “problems” you identified above are both relevant and worrisome in their own different ways…In my humble opinion though, national security and national identity must remain paramount…

    ||Rashtra Pratham||

    Comment by Shantanu | February 8, 2007

  11. The way you put your thoughts to pen is absolutely phenomenal. This is perhaps the most professional blogs I have ever come across.
    Great going Shantanu, young,patriotic Hindus like me will always be with you in your future endeavours

    Comment by Ajay Jagadeesh | February 22, 2007

  12. Thank you Ajay.
    I really appreciate it. As I have said above, your support and encouragement give me strength to do this.
    It is going to be a long struggle and it will need all our energy and strength.
    Please spread the word about this blog and the various topics amongst colleagues, friends and people you care…The first step is to create awareness….this will be an ideological struggle and information, facts and thoughts will be key to winning hearts and minds.


    Comment by B Shantanu | February 22, 2007

  13. I am Mahendra Persaud from Guyana,
    And I was quite impressed with your research
    Into your articles.


    Comment by Mahendra Persaud | March 5, 2007

  14. shantanu….
    like how CS mentioned earlier your thoughts and ideas are very similar to the thoughts and worries i have been struggling to contain within myself for the past few years… im in my early thirties and an NRI doctor but i can and will influence quite a few indian expats who live with me here…
    most of us are really worried about the pathetic state of India these days and how a big unscruplous gang has taken india hostage…
    i understand empty words add no meaning…. i want to join you in any small way to take a proactive stand against this menace…

    Comment by dr surya | March 28, 2007

  15. Dr Surya,

    Thank you… It is very kind of you to offer to help. I have also received your email and I will respond to it shortly…Once again, thanks for taking the time and the effort to read and comment.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

    Comment by B Shantanu | March 28, 2007

  16. Dear Shantanu.
    Most of the Journalists in India both Electronic and Print media are sold to Christian and Arabic Masters ( Fund Holders), How can we try to bring more writers like you in the main stream Media?
    Have you any comments.

    Dr. Ambekar.

    Comment by Dr. Ambekar | April 20, 2007

  17. Thanx shantanu for making this best blog. I came to knw about it in QnA forum at rediff.com. it is the nicest blog i have ever seen. can i post an artical on vedant here if yes how?

    Comment by Gaurav vyas | April 30, 2007

  18. Gaurav,
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Re. the article on Vedanta, could you please email it to me?

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 1, 2007

  19. Hi .I am glad that you liked my site on Lalu.I was perplexed with the dichotomy that Lalu is,thus this blog.
    Your site is a wonder keep it up.

    Comment by Bihar Gyan | June 21, 2007

  20. Sir,

    Thank You for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I have not progressed to the action stage yet. My pet peeve is education. Promote ideas and proper economics and the rest will follow. After all everyone responds to incentives. I haven’t given up on India and its encouraging to me that there are others who are like minded. Makes my job that much easier :)


    Comment by triya | July 6, 2007

  21. Dear Shantanu,

    I am impressed with your blog. You had put the thoughts of all of us in an impresive manner.

    I hope, you must be getting a good amount of hits to this blog.

    Best regards

    Prashant Pole

    Comment by Prashant Pole | August 22, 2007

  22. BiharGyan, triya and Prashant: Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.


    Prashant: Yes, I am getting quite a few hits – but the task of creating mass awareness is huge – and this is but a drop in the ocean (at least it feels like that sometimes).

    As I mentioned in comment #12 above, It is going to be a long struggle and it will need all our energy and strength.

    Do continue to spread the word about this blog and the various topics amongst colleagues, friends and people you care

    and thanks once again for visiting the blog. I hope to see you more often.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

    Comment by B Shantanu | August 23, 2007

  23. HI,
    thanx a lot for ur blog. i want to ask one question to our liberal indian via ur platform:

    why the temples are out of our pictures and media? every one inthe movies make a story of hindu couple and shows a sigh of cross in the locket?
    every occation of marriege is picturiesed inthe church? everyone in the media forced to wear cross sign irrecpective of there religion.
    are we watching the movies of a christian director ?

    Comment by rAJESH | August 26, 2007

  24. Peace B Shantanu,

    You have a very interesting blog here. I will be stopping by again. I look forward to reading your work and insights here, and to sharing with you.

    Abdur Rahman

    Comment by Abdur Rahman | August 31, 2007

  25. you write well & I completely agree with your opinions & perspective..I think in the c k anil case,the officer was enraged because of rowdy behavior than wearing a tilak..

    Comment by rasaal dwivedi | October 4, 2007

  26. rAJESH, Abdur Rahman and rasaal: Thank you for stopping by and for your words of encouragement.

    I look forward to seeing more of you on this blog.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

    Comment by B Shantanu | October 6, 2007

  27. Hi,

    I am just a pursuer of truth from Bangalore. I have been reading the works on Indian Mythology & Philosophy written by various authors. I feel greatly inspired by your works. Thanks a lot. I wish that you continue writing to enlighten more Indian hearts. I fear that in the near future….the true Indian History might just get manipulated for political benefits. As such, I do not feel there are many left who respect Indian Culture and believe in Indian Values due to the influence of growing Westernism. On the contrary, we can find a growing influence of Indian Culture on the Westerners.

    Thanks to all the Indian Authors like you who have been striving to keep Indian History, Culture and Philosophy alive through their works for the future generations.

    Satyameva Jayate

    Jai Hind

    Comment by Vaishnavi | October 6, 2007

  28. Shantanu,

    I have just stumbled upon your Blog whilst searching on that ‘famous’ speech by Lord Macaulay in 1835. From a quick trawl through your blog, you are clearly on a journey for truth.

    Let’s just say our paths have met. Keep writing and discovering. Without truth and justice, there can be no future worth passing to the next generation.

    Satya ki Jai.

    Comment by Raj | January 26, 2008

  29. Hey Shantanu,

    I am a final year student of journalism and i am doing a research on the blogging revolution. As you are a blog writer, i would like you to fill up a questionnaire for me which would help me in my project work.


    Comment by Shweta Sharma | January 26, 2008

  30. Shantanu, my heart felt thanks that you came up with this blog and wholesome material to ponder over. Some points seems to be lifted straight from my mind, I am not offended by your plagiarism though 😉
    I sometimes feel that I must have done some great thing in my previous life, to be born a Hindu/Indian.


    Comment by vinay | February 17, 2008

  31. Dear Shri Shantanu ji,

    You are doing an excellent work by posting such informative article on your site.


    Comment by Suneel Kotte | April 1, 2008

  32. Hi,

    I’m impressed and encoraged to see that someone is doing something with a vision in mind to educate and help the rest for India’s future.

    I would like to offer my help if you think is worth for our future India.

    Thanks, Vinod

    Comment by Vinod | April 16, 2008

  33. Shantanu Bhai,

    We appretiate your efforts in creating awareness about the issues related to our great Motherland Bharat Mata.

    You are doing very good work but only few people are aware of your golden work. We must work on some strategy to create awareness about your blog and its contents. we have lot of information now we should work on some action plan to implement these noble thoughts.

    Someone has to begin something..

    Keep on with your good work. The quality of work is really commendable.

    Hats off to you

    Comment by Jai Hind | May 22, 2008

  34. Dear Vaishanvi, Raj, Shweta, Vinay, Suneel, Vinod and Jai Hind,

    Heartfelt thanks for your comments and encouragementIt is when I read words like these that all this effort and thankless hours that one puts in begins to feel so much more worthwhile.

    I look forward to seeing more of you on my blog.

    @ Vinod: Thanks a lot for your kind offer of help… Please email me on jai.dharma AT gmail.com and we can discuss some ideas.

    @ Jai Hind You are right that as of now, very few people are aware of this blog and the articles here (now almost 500 posts, stretching over 4 years).

    Partly – it is my fault, as even after four years of writing, I have preferred not to burden my friends and relatives with this workwhy? because not all of them share these thoughts and I believe you cannot force patriotism on anyone.

    Partly it is not widely known because I have eschewed any kind of advertisement or publicity..This has been due to my belief that good articles and thoughts will always find their audience and people shoud not read somehting because of WHO wrote it – but because of WHAT has been written.

    Having said that, I am very happy to work with you (or anyone) to increase the popularity – and more importantly – reach of this blog

    One of the ideas I have is to move to a hosted platform (instead of relying on the free wordpress service). That way, I will be able to take this blog to its next level in terms of reach and interactvity.

    Sadly, I dont have much time (and the skills) to do it all by myself..

    If you – or any other reader here knows how to do this – and has the time to spare to help me transform this website, I will be garetful for any help/assistance.

    I also don’t have any idea of how much it might cost – I am guessing not much but still this is something to be considered.

    Beyond that if you have other ideas, I will be most grateful to hear tem..

    The best way to reach me is by email. The address if jai.dharma AT gmail.com

    Thank you once again for your kind words of encouragement.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 22, 2008

  35. Hi shantanu,
    I am not much of a writer to put into words what a gripping read is your blog. I pray to god to give u more knowledge to motivate people to see things in clarity.

    Comment by jyoti | May 24, 2008

  36. Internet, especially blogs, have been playing a crucial role in giving the Indian public an alternative media. The roll of the so called great people of Indian Freedom fight needs to be analysed. The hijacking of the struggle by these great people needs also to be brought to light. The systematic way the contribution of the real heroes has been suppressed needs to be exposed. I am sure, this will be got done through this new media.

    At the same time, the present problems of the society and their solutions also need attention. This will have to be done.

    I thank you for your initiative in this matter. God bless you.

    Comment by Krishna | June 17, 2008

  37. Well, in these troubled times for our nation, blogs like yours is the only hope to educate the convent educated sicular indians. Keep up the great job Dear Shantanuji. May your tribe increase and may Sri Krishna bless you abundantly.

    Comment by Hinduismnet.com | June 18, 2008

  38. Dear jyoti, Krishna and hinduismnet: Thank you all for your support and kind words of encouragement…

    I hope to see more of you here…Please do join in the various discussions and please also encourage your family members, friends, colleagues and others to join in.


    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

    Comment by B Shantanu | June 18, 2008

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    Comment by kiran | July 11, 2008

  40. Here is a site for your blogroll:


    Comment by abc | July 26, 2008

  41. heloo santanu, its real joy to read your thougt but I am looking for a way to take a drastic measures against this zealots who are allset to devide this country. I had access to their culture and beliefe as I was brougt up in south 24 pgs.In the year 1995 I had seen their kids were talking about separation and making south 24 pgs a part of Khulna dist of Bangladesh.

    Comment by shirsendu | August 17, 2008

  42. @ Shirsendu: I would be very interested to hear your personal experiences growing up in Suth 24 Pgns…

    Can you share it on this blog with all of us? Perhaps on one of these two posts?

    “India Breaking” – Read this and Weep


    North-East “burning”

    Alternatively, please feel free to email me at jai.dharma AT gmail.com


    Comment by B Shantanu | August 18, 2008

  43. Hey Shantanu:

    Your site is great. I have been a silent reader for a majority of time. I was wondering if I could download the articles on political corruption, hindutva etc.

    However I guess there are no more links to these articles.

    Would you mind emailing those articles as attachments?


    Comment by Naresh | September 7, 2008

  44. Your site is interesting, I too have similar views about our country and the situation it is in now, but I believe that it is time for some action. Like minded people should come together to discuss and take initiatives.

    I am sure most of the people in power today do not know the motto of our country and the meaning of ‘Satyam Eva Jayate’.

    Hope to meet or talk to you soon


    Comment by D N Raghuram | September 15, 2008

  45. My dearest santanu,

    today only I come across your site. After going through the site I felt as if i am expressing my feelings. It really touched me.

    pl. continue your good work.

    Try to solicit the views of our muslim brothers and sisters and also our christian brothers and sisters and let them express their views freely without hurting the sentiments of others. I am a true Hindu I like christian carols as well as hindu bhajans.

    I also consider Christ and Allah are another forms of God. But after seeing the events in India during the last few decades now I feel is it correct to behave like this. In the name of spreading their religion the christian missionaries are disturbing the peaceful co-existence of people in India.

    They are more interested in providing financial help to new converts than already existing their brothers in east african countries.

    Like wise the Muslims in India are also enjoying full freedam when compared to Hindus in Islamic countries. Still they say they are maltreated. It is high time atleast our new generation people must know the facts.

    thanks for providing a platform for expressing my views. Pl take on discussion on English media also.


    Comment by chada sastry | November 2, 2008

  46. Quick question — how can being a partner in a major Venture Capitalist firm qualify you, by any stretch of imagination, as a “simple middle class guy”.

    You have some impressive achievements to your name, so such false modesty is not required :-))

    Comment by AG | November 11, 2008

  47. Chada

    The same here, respected every religion, but felt the same way you felt after seeing all these disturbances on the map of India.

    Comment by Indian | November 11, 2008

  48. i m realy appriciat ur efforts. we know that India is going to hell this type of efforts done by you realy related pure Indian so sir i heartest desire to join you with my great pleasuer.


    Comment by Sanjay chauhan | November 12, 2008

  49. @ AG (#46): No, it was not false modesty…I do believe I have been incredibly lucky in having the opportunity to realise my potential and I got many chances along the way…

    All of us work hard…some get lucky…but that does not necessarily make them *special* or extra-smart…


    @ Sanjay: Thank you for your kind words…I hope to see you more often on this blog and the discussions that are going on.

    Comment by B Shantanu | November 12, 2008

  50. Well articulated, touching!

    Modi is like thakur of sholay, No Hands!
    Indians are like Hizadas. He is trying to make fauj out of them.

    Please send it to Times of india,
    Hindustan times etc

    Comment by Nitin | November 30, 2008

  51. Shantanu,

    How was the London meeting? Hope there’s a post on it soon, with some details of what were the views expressed.

    Comment by Kaffir | December 7, 2008

  52. @ Kaffir: Are you thinking of the Remembrance meeting? or something else?

    In any case, thanks for reminding me to update the Remembrance post with details of attendees and next steps. Am doing it now.

    Comment by B Shantanu | December 7, 2008

  53. I backtracked here from Indiblogger.

    I have started a webring for bloggers who wants to voive their concerns and thoughts. This is a way of linking blogs in a never ending chain. I love my India – I am looking for bloggers who shares the same passion. My own little effort hoping it may be of some worth to the wider cause.

    I am an amateur web designer, and like all my projects this will always remain free to use. No spam, no ads.

    Would you like to join, it is very easy –

    Comment by littleindian | December 11, 2008

  54. Hi Shantanu,

    My friend belongs to your category.

    See his thoughts at http://victimofprejudice.blogspot.com/

    This is one heck of a brave fight put up by an Indian national. He defended his ethnicity, nationhood and dharma I would say. It’s a MUST READ, EXTREMELY MOTIVATING and something that needs to be emulated by workers everywhere who are facing racism or any kind of discrimination in their workplaces. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. That is the least you can do to express solidarity with a fellow Indian. The web site is treasure house of several other relevant information including origins of Racism and other forms of Intolerance.


    Comment by Kiran P | January 23, 2009

  55. dear Mr.Shantanu,

    seen and read your blog and quite moved by your thoughts and perception. in fact i have been thinking like you and wanted to do something very creative to change the lives of people of india and some how or other this thought could not be given a starter.

    after reading yours i have felt that here is a gentleman who is serious and positive and this has made me to lend more towards your endeavour and would like to contribute more and more not through mails and would like to do the same with more contacts and talking. would like to hear from you on this.

    i wish you all success and would like to be a part of this wonderful journey of making india very bright and prosperous.


    Comment by hareindharran | January 24, 2009

  56. Hello Mr Shantanu,

    My name is Saad. My family moved to USA from India several years ago. From the very first time I went to India, I felt proud of being Indian. I am now 18 years old, and am attending college. Everything I am studying is in the hope that one day I can return to India and help make India great in all aspects. I should add that I am muslim.

    Whenever I read/hear the people of our country fighting over history, present, future, everything else, I am saddened. Maybe you know the quote, “Sukhia Sab Sansar Khaye Aur Soye Dukhia Das Kabir Jagey Aur Roye.” That is how I have been feeling. I should also add that I have been reading the Upanishads, the Gita, as well as the Quran and books on Sufism. I have been trying to find what these religions actually say and why people can not live in harmony. I found that the essential truths of all are surprisingly similar.

    The reason I am emailing you is that I am glad that you are doing what you are doing, and glad that you show such a
    great moderate approach. I would also like to share with you a quote, it says in the Quran, “Some of the things in this book are literal, some metaphorical, some in context to the situation” (Thats a rough version). I hope that muslims in India recognize this, and reject the radical, fundamental, disgusting, Islamism that is creating a divide between Indians that hopefully we can together bridge the divide, and all the people of India can make Bharat even greater.

    I noticed some people asking on the blog, what is Islam. My thoughts are simple. There are the 5 pillars, everything else is not important. (prayer, charity, belief, etc). Its sad that Islamists pick out little things and proclaim that is what makes a “Muslim”. I would also add that, I am proud of everything in India, its entire history, even if I am not hindu, because i am an Indian! I’m glad that you have such a passion for India! I hope one day, once I am done with college, I can return home and do good for all Indians, and I hope that I can join people like you, who desire for a better India.
    Thank you,
    Jai Hind! Jai Hind! Jai Hind!

    Comment by Saad | January 26, 2009

  57. Kiran, Hareindharran and Saad: Thanks for sharing your thoughts…I hope to see you here more often.

    Comment by B Shantanu | January 26, 2009

  58. Shantanu, is there a way to fix the “recent posts” widget? Right now, there’s no way to distinguish between one post and the next, and they all blend in. Also, if a bold font is being used in that widget, maybe try out one that’s normal and not bold? Just some suggestions.

    Comment by Kaffir | February 10, 2009

  59. Thanks for the feedback Kaffir…I will look around and try find another, more suitable widget..

    You are right…it is hard to see one post from the next.

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 10, 2009

  60. My name is Raghavendra and I am a frequent visitor of iVarta(or IndiaCause) and Satyameva Jayate site. I have a small suggestion. I think it will be better if you say the meaning of “Satyameva Jayate” after the title in English.

    You may add “Truth will prevail” or “Truth will win” something like that.

    Thanks for good informational and motivational site.

    Comment by Raghavendra | March 6, 2009

  61. Shantanu,

    I’m looking for some reliable sources that describe and/or enumerate the reasons for the decline in non-Muslim (sp. Hindu) population in Pakistan (and B’desh) after August 1947 (independence). If you know of any (or if any readers can point me to them), please let me know. Thanks.

    Comment by Kaffir | April 19, 2009

  62. Dear Shantanu,

    Your excellent blog will be featured in my “BLOGS FOR BETTER BHARAT” section. Just an FYI.

    Please keep up the good work.


    Comment by VoP | May 11, 2009

  63. Thanks VoP. Looking forward to it.


    Thank you for your kind words Raghavendra

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 11, 2009

  64. BTW, Shantanu, I must congratulate you on running an extremely open blog spot, despite the multiple controversial topics.

    (I am s t i l l w a i t i n g :) for my cross-post on Indian Muslims blog site to appear …. apparently islam does not tolerate dissent or questions about its prophet or origins …. not that I am surprised, but I did think that the IM site was “progressive”)

    Cheers and well done again.


    Comment by Patriot | May 12, 2009

  65. Dear Shantanu,

    I also share your thoughts and views. Keep up the good work of maintaining a very interesting blog in seva of dharma.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

    Comment by dharma | May 12, 2009

  66. Thanks for your kind words Patriot and “Dharma”.

    Patriot: If your post does eventually gets published, pl. let me know.


    Dharma: I hope to see you here more often.


    @ Kaffir #61: I just realised I have not responded to your comment. Will try and dig up something relevant.

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 13, 2009

  67. wait and watch during this five years the events that are to unfold..those that try their utmost to systematically humiliate and degrade Mother Bhaarath and Sanathana Dharma at any given opportunity are in for a shock..the plots of the deshdrohis and dharmdrohis may be vicious and they are large in numbers..but as in every Dharmayudh numbers say nothing..eg.kauravas vs paandavas..what happened we all know..keep up your excellant work Shantanu till then..we are all with you..the Divine forces shall guide you..

    Sanaathan Dharm\eternal truth and perennial wisdom
    has withstood turbulances, trials and tests of immesurable dimension from time immemorial..Mother Bhaarath will emerge victorious from whatever calamity and will remain the Beacon of wisdom that she always is..

    Jai Sanaathan Dharm
    Jai Akhand Bhaarath

    Comment by Devi | May 15, 2009

  68. Current state of India and Hindus pains me. Hinduism is one of the mildest, simplest and one of most beautiful ways to live a life (of course with its problems, but they are OUR problems and they can easily get solved). Important point is NO OTHER religion is BETTER than ours !! Many Hindus have so much underconfidence and due to other circimstances are converting to other religions. Look at Orissa – thousands were marched by convert priests a year ago – I saw it on TV! Now, no MENTION of that anywhere. That NEEDS to be stopped. In my city, there are statues of mary and jesus being put up everywhere!! In which other country are such things allowed ??? Likewise for Muslims – all the “Wakf” land (gone forever), and exploding population !!! and all the HAJ appeasement !! WHAT CRAP!

    Hindus – please wake up – due to us, this country is so peaceful – otherwise see our neighbours and other parts of the world – they are suffering !!!

    I know there are like minded people, but I want some action guys !

    I can go on, but will stop for now, since its my first post.

    Bharat mata ki jai ! Hinduism ROCKS !


    Comment by Arjun | May 15, 2009

  69. Pranaam !

    stumbled upon your brilliant blog and written a message to you on your post ‘About Me’..you are doing an excellent service..

    you have echoed my thoughts in words Shantanu..there are so many who feel the same way but feel helpless..
    inspite of the knowledge that Bhaarath Maatha and her precious children will emerge from all calamities
    to carry the Beacon of the perennial wisdom to the whole world, it is painful..yes, it is very painful..

    you had written,

    One of the ideas I have is to move to a hosted platform (instead of relying on the free wordpress service). That way, I will be able to take this blog to its next level in terms of reach and interactvity.
    I also don’t have any idea of how much it might cost – I am guessing not much but still this is something to be considered

    please do that Shantanu, let your blog reach more of our brethern..
    i am a sannyaasini i will beg ,cry, fight with my Shiva and my mother Durga
    and give you the money you require..am leaving for panch kedar paada yatra in a few days..
    let me know how much you need..


    Comment by S Krishnan | May 15, 2009

  70. Devi: Thank you for your encouraging words


    Arjun: Thanks for your comment. I hope to see you here more often


    Krishnan: I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by your comment.

    When I read encouraging words of support like yours, I begin to feel all this effort is very worthwhile….and it gives me the strength to carry on.

    You will be very pleased to know that since I wrote those words, I have actually moved my blog to a hosted platform.

    Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous offer of help and I hope to see you on this blog more often.

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 16, 2009

  71. Pranaam !!

    Interesting …keep up your marvelous work..

    Comment by Sithara Krishnan | May 17, 2009

  72. Dear Shantanu,

    As your name suggests and reminds me of the great Shantanu who bred a dynasty that went down in the history of mankind as one of the greatest or should I say “Last of the ARYAs”. We all look at the great “ARYA” pride and admire it. But should we just aspire to become “THE BRAHMAN” without our duties to our DHARMA- whether it demands our lives. What is the point in leading a disrespectful life in an ALIEN INDIAN NATION the name , which we dream of changing to “BHARAT” or even Better would Be AKHANDA BHARAT. Can we just aspire to become BRAHMAN when the LAND OF ARYA’s has been polluted by MLEECHAS and YAVANAS and corrupted every morsel of food that we eat. The Fertile Land of ARYA’s (the world would become infertile but this land will never become infertile),in which the best quality food which is the birth right of each “SANTANI {dare I use the word Hindu for hindus are a set of degraded ARYAS} is exported for YAVANAS and MLEECHA’s to ENJOY.
    I think its time to become warriors the kshatriya’s defenders of ARYA FAITH and if we live another day we might want to aspire to become BRAHMANS,, but not now BRAHMAN is a far off destination beyond the horizon in sea full of ARYA blood hungry tides.

    Comment by mriitunjay | June 9, 2009

  73. Wonderful blog. Continue the good work. You strike the right balance of highlighting issues regarding national security, pseudo-secularism and Hinduism but not being a right wing fundamentalist either. I appreciate the effort you put in maintaining this blog.

    Comment by RGB | June 21, 2009

  74. @ Sithara: Pranaam and thank you for your kind words…


    @ Mrityunjay: Thanks for your thought-provoking comment…You are right…the need of the hour is action…I hope this blog is able to contribute in some way.


    @ RGB: Thank you for your words of support and praise…It is a difficult balance to maintain and I am not sure I have been able to maintain it always…but I try…

    Hope to see all of you on the blog more often.


    Comment by B Shantanu | June 22, 2009

  75. We all must stand together to uplift our nation and India is rich country but inhabilated by poor.Do you know that most of the Indian’s Politicians, Industrialist etc., has nearly 1500 billion dollars deposite in Swiss Bank.Question rises where does this money come from ?Don’t you think we must make this funds for further development of our country.

    Comment by CHURCHLL KUMAR | June 23, 2009








    *** NOTE by MODERATOR ***

    Shashi: Pl. be careful in your choice of words. Pl. avoid using all capital letters. No abuse or insults allowed.

    Pl. see the comments policy here.

    Comment by shashi das | July 23, 2009

  77. Dear Sir,

    It was indeed nice going through your website. I have recently started working on my own blog (since about a month back). I have tried my blog to make a candid representation of my thoughts, aspirations as well as apprehensions about our socio-political scenario. It would be my pleasure, if you could have a look at my blog and also share a few encouraging words of wisdom. I would also open to any criticism, including complete disregrad of my thoughts, as I sincerely believe in individual’s freedom of thought and democracy.

    My Blog: http://aseekersdiary.blogspot.com

    Let me know if I could contribute to your blog in any which way in the future.

    Vaskar Bhattacharya

    Comment by Vaskar Bhattacharya | December 7, 2009

  78. @ Vaskar: I had a quick look at your blog. I have no “words of wisdom”. Keep writing is all I would say – and do participate in conversations on other blogs to refine your thoughts further.

    Comment by B Shantanu | December 8, 2009

  79. Dear Shantanu B ( This B stands for ” Bharat ” )

    I wish to make one humble request . Pls start writings your blogs in HINDI also so that your words reach common man ( to me specially mean students coming from tribal and rural community ). This is just a suggestion and pls don’t take it otherwise . Really speaking yesterday I was interacting with my PG students and research scholars , u know every body is thriving hard to snatch a Govt Job these days . I just mentioned ur name as there is a son of soil like u who dared to give up fron Elite Foreigh Services and now working for Nation Building . I took them to our Institute Network Resource Centre and opened ur profile and asked them to read . Mean while some more students of arts faculty came in and asking who’s this ? What is written ? what this word means ? What is the meaning of this sentence etc .etc. and some body instantly suggested me why don’t you ask ur colleague to write in Hindi . Hindi is our national Language and so on . It hurt me and compelled me to make such stupid suggestion to you . Any way, I know Hindi has its limitations and since you r working for Intl society also I think it won’t be possible . Sorry for wasting ur valuable time . Best Wishes .

    Comment by Dr Sunil | January 12, 2010

  80. Dear Sunil: You are a friend before being a reader…As a friend, you have far more rights on me than just making a humble request or suggestion!

    I have been thinking of this (writing in Hindi) for a very long time now (to get an idea of how long, have a look at this post…and I promise to give this some serious thought…

    More in an email. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by B Shantanu | January 13, 2010

  81. Hi Shantanu:

    We will be happy to replicate the full text of your blog articles on JitegaBharat.com via RSS feed. If you would like to proceed with this, please send us an e-mail and create an a/c in your name (or as Satyameva Jayate – as you wish) so that the blog articles can be imported in your name.

    – Administrator,

    Forums & Blogs Defining the Winning Ways of 21st Century India

    Comment by JitegaBharat | January 16, 2010

  82. Hi Shantanu,
    I agree with all thoughts and all but, what we are doing for India? Today we are in London enjoying the facility. I feel we learn the system. now its time to use our knowledge for India. We are just working on some limited parts, not doing anything except discussion.

    I have seen one old video of Narendra Modi. Its bit about Gujarat but finally its about the progress of India.
    I like you have look its on YouTube & its divided in 4 parts.

    I am really thinking to go to India & be part of this development.
    This is the link.

    Comment by Dhiren Raval | January 31, 2010

  83. Thanks Dhiren…I will certainly have a look.

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 1, 2010

  84. Hi Shantanu,

    like you I am also a Maharashtrian but never been there except Mumbai. Born and brought up in MP and W Bengal and currently in Gujarat, I do share your views on what is happening in Mumbai these days. Really there is a need to be above all that and think about country. We really need to showcase devlopement taking place in the country rather than fighting for such petty issues. Pls continue writing good articles.

    Comment by VINAY APTE | February 3, 2010

  85. Damn Neat Shantanu.
    Keep it going!

    Comment by Guru | February 3, 2010

  86. @ Vinay, Guru: Thanks for your kinds words, encouragement and support. Pl. spread the word…This is a battle of ideas…and it is critical that we win it.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 4, 2010

  87. Hi Shantanu,

    I read your open letter to Balasaheb.

    Completely agree with your sentiments and in fact identify with it in most aspects!

    I hope people in India do not ignore the “larger picture”.

    Best Regards

    Comment by Sandeep | February 4, 2010

  88. Shantanuji,

    Apologies in advance for this longish post. Please feel free to treat this as a personal message and not post it. Perhaps, I am not writing anything that other commentators haven’t written before, but I still wanted to write to show my support towards the cause.

    So, the purpose of this message – your blog is like a mirror that reflects my thoughts. And it doesn’t stop there, it adds a layer of filteration and magnification to clarify my thoughts and focus on the important ones.

    4 years ago, when I was back in Mumbai, I saw so many beggars on the streets. My heart cried. I commented to my wife – ‘their only sin is that they were born in poverty‘. My mind started thinking of how can this problem be addressed. Sure, giving alms would solve the immediate problem of food for the day, but what about the next day and the day after that?

    Your comments ‘Many of our fellow citizens are denied this opportunity. For them, the doors to a better, brighter future are shut…for them, the joy of achievement is something that they may never experience. ‘ and ‘For them, each day is a monumental struggle, each moment a study in despair, frustration and hopelessness…’just touched me and took me back to that moment.

    ‘It does not have to be like that.‘ is what you said. And that is exactly what I thought.

    It was becoming clearer to me that India’s *fundamental problem* was poor governance and bad policies‘. I couldn’t agree more.

    For this, I do not blame the vast majority of our population whose life is a daily struggle for survival and basic dignity…You cannot think of policy on an empty stomach…and you cannot feel patriotic as you walk miles to get a “haandi” of “drinkable” water…‘ – I had expressed very similar thoughts to my friends when I said that the onus of changing the way we govern ourselves cannot be left to the millions of impoverished, not because of lack of ability, but because for them, the priority is getting food, clothing and shelter.

    I have always thought that surely I am not the only one who thinks like this – there have to be several others like me.

    And now, I have found your blog. You have actually taken the initiative to set up a blog and write about important things and ultimately, planning to do something about it. You have shown the courage to take this bold step. This is truly remarkable.

    In one of your responses to a comment, you have expressed that national security and national identity are paramount. Again, this is exactly how I feel and how I responded when I saw the recent Statesman Award given to PM Manmohan Singh (my exact thought was that this award doesn’t mean anything and being a great economist doesn’t mean anything unless the core issues are addressed – core issues being security and elevation from poverty for the millions who have become poorer after the recent economic boom).

    You have asked us to join you in this effort. I have been looking for a platform to join. I am going to start with spreading the word and contribution of ideas. But please don’t think that I will perform lip-service and leave it there; depending on how things go with me on personal front, I would like to do more – such as act on some of the ideas or .

    On the topic of ideas, as mentioned earlier, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Also, I think one of the big problems (not just in Bharat) is the elitist, psuedo-secular and ‘for profit’ media. This just leads to yellow journalism and breaking news when bees attack Mayawati’s rally. What we really need is a mass communication platform that will go down to the grass-roots. To each and every Bhartiya, be they in a rural area or an urban one. And this platform will not hesitate for one second to call a spade a spade.

    If you go to ToI or even indianexpress.com or rediff.com, you can barely find mention of the recent riots in Bareilly. And there as well, there is a political correctness in the reporting.

    Balasaheb Thackeray’s paper Saamana calls a spade a spade. But unfortunately, they have polarized the public because of the Anti Bihari rhetoric.

    Our communication needs to go down to each and every bhartiya and there needs to be a whole hearted support from each one of them.

    One thing I should mention is that I came across Ekal Vidyalaya (www.ekal.org) and am absolutely fascinated with what they are doing (no, I am not trying to advertize them here). What they are doing in terms of educating children in rural areas is praiseworthy. Something similar needs to happen from a political leadership standpoint.

    The other issue is the law and order situation and how we carry on our judiciary system. It is not palatable to me that the CBI files charge in 1984 riots after 26 years. It is almost that our judicial system (enforcement and justice) cannot prioritize! They don’t see a difference between a petty thief who stole bread or a murderer or a terrorist. They all keep getting called date after date and even given bail or the innocent people are kept in prison for 20 years for a crime that would have required them to serve not more than 6 years! The justice system needs to be broken up into different logical units such as:

    1. White collared crime (example: bank embezzlement, stealing corporate secrets etc.)
    2. Petty crime (example: thefts, robberies, eve teasing, petty extortion, drunk driving etc.)
    3. Heinous crime (example: murder, armed robbery, attempted murder etc.)
    4. Terrorism (example: recent ATS arrests in Mumbai, Gujarat) These should be prioritized and judgements be delivered in no more than 1 month. And execution of the judgement should not take more than 1 month thereafter.

    I think there’s a lot of different ways this can be done. I am sure that others have even far better ideas. To me the biggest question is – how do we bring these to fructification?

    Looking forward to your guidance – either as a reply on your blog or an email.


    P.S. You sound very knowledgable about Bhartiya Itihaas. I have been looking for some books (online or printed) on Pracheen Bhartiya Itihaas. Do you have any suggestions?

    Comment by Bharat | March 16, 2010

  89. Best wishes for the success of launch of udbhav

    Comment by Rohit | March 19, 2010

  90. @ Bharat: Thank you for your warm words of support and encouragement.

    For you and everyone else who is reading this, two quick updates:
    1] I will be re-starting the Skype calls that we had last year. Hopefully this will help those of us who are more active to begin connecting with each other more substantively.

    2] Pl do email me on my personal email id (jaidharma@gmail). I travel to India very frequently and often have meetings during the courseof these visits where we may have an opportunity to meet.

    I fully agree with you that “Our communication needs to go down to each and every bhartiya and there needs to be a whole hearted support from each one of them.

    There is an effort (at seed-stage) on the political leadership standpoint that has been germinating in my mind for the last few months. More details on that in the days to come.

    Pl also have a look at freedomteam.in

    Re. books (online or printed) on Pracheen Bhartiya Itihaas, I am unable to recommend anything specific but an excellent resource is Varnam’s blog (varnam.nationalinterest.in).

    In addition, pl look at SatyaShodh and Dharamapal-ji’s books online (all the links are on my blog’s links page). Another source is Hinduwisdom.info Hope this helps.


    @ Rohit: Thanks a lot for your kind wishes.

    Comment by B Shantanu | March 19, 2010

  91. […] B Shantanu A political activist by choice and an engineer by training, Shantanu Bhagwat (aka B Shantanu) is also a one-time diplomat and a venture investor. These days he divides his time between UK and India, working on raising political consciousness and improving political processes with a view to bring about systemic reform in India. A major part of his present activities relates to building networks and relationships across nascent political movements in India. In a career spanning two decades, Shantanu has worked across geographies and industries, including several years in Japan and in the UK. Until recently a Partner at a venture capital firm, he has also worked at Monitor Co. in London. Prior to that, spent several years in the Indian Foreign Service, working in New Delhi and Tokyo. He is the author/publisher of a popular blog on Indian politics, history and religion at Satyameva-Jayate.org More about his journey into political activism here. […]

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  92. How do we start mobilisinf funds to promote Bharat centric ventures and initiatives?

    Comment by Rohit | April 2, 2010

  93. @ Rohit: Sorry. I missed your comment…This is something I am working on. If all goes well, I should have some mechanism to raise funds for supporting various political initiatives soon.
    Pl stay tuned. Thanks for your patience.

    From a fellow traveller:

    Jan 29, 2009: I am one of us. Till some time ago, I assumed that my contribution to the 2009 elections and the future of India would be my one vote. But, somewhere along the line, things changed. Maybe it was 26/11 and seeing some of us out on the streets demanding action. Maybe it was seeing Obama become President, and see politics really change in America, bottom-up. Whatever it was, I have woken up to the fact that we have to do more – much more – if we are going to rewrite our future and rebuild our India into the glorious country that it once was….We are India’s educated civil society. If we cannot act individually and as a team, then we forfeit the right to complain. Democracy comes with responsibilities and duties. It also comes with a generation having to make some sacrifices so the Tomorrow for our children can be better than our Today…. We have to become the Voice of India. For 60 years, we have been led. And for many of those years, led down a wrong path. The time has now come for us to Lead.

    May 14, 2009: If there is one feeling that I am left with it, it is that India needs more like us to become engaged at different levels in the political process. It requires a tremendous commitment from us to help bring change in India. We cannot remain disengaged. And we have to engage with one of the national parties to help bring about this change. India deserves better. And we have a duty to make that future happen.

    Rajesh Jain
    CEO, Netcore

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 17, 2010

  94. जब नौका बीच सागर में घिर पड़ी, आ रही हो तूफ़ान की घडी, तो दे दो चुनौती सिन्धु को – अब पार क्या मझधार क्या…

    Comment by Nandini | May 19, 2010

  95. hi shantanu.. very delighted and enlightened to read this great blog from u. I was so engrossed that i read few more of your blogs. I confess to be one of those who ponder a lot a do a little..(maybe coz i m a student now..)And, with little knowhow of the concern, I have a few doubts.
    What is our prime goal ? retain our culture? teach the lessons of hinduism? or getting into more depth to deal with the issues of poverty, crime & politics?
    Even if we are proud of our culture and dharma, do you think we can ever convince people ? And is that the real problem in the first place?
    Can you ever convince islamic or other people that hinduism is a way of life and not a religion?

    I see the problem somewhere else. The problem is corruption, the problem is poverty, the problem is the politicians who don’t care for the common man, the problem is media who is really too much concerned about fever or sneezing or Amitji.

    Now, as u said (and i totally admit), all of this is easier said than done. How to approach for a solution ? This is the concern. How to make education available to every child so that they themselves can figure out differences between right and wrong, good and bad?

    Most of the money spent in this sector goes to the corrupt people. We have to be the people who shud not only donate some amount of cash, but also take the role of action.

    It was good to see your blog. I’d love to see your reply on this before I go on to the other points.

    Thank you.

    Comment by roy | June 22, 2010

  96. @Roy: Thanks…Glad you liked the blog and the posts…

    A very hurried (and brief) response to your comment…You wrote: Most of the money spent in this sector goes to the corrupt people

    That is the *crux* of the problem…Which is why we need good – no good AND capable people in positions of power and authority in India – which in essence means in the area of political leadership – that is where the focus ought to be – in my opinion.

    More later (am travelling until end of the month).
    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Comment by B Shantanu | June 22, 2010

  97. Any update on your Pune event?

    Comment by Akash | June 29, 2010

  98. Hello Shantanubhai,

    On the top of this page there is a title in red letters – Satyalev Jayate. L is in Devanagari lipi. It seems there is a mistake. Instead of Devanagari L there should be Devanagari M or Roman M.

    So, please correct it M.

    Comment by ambu patel | July 14, 2010

  99. Ambu: Thanks.
    It is actually “m” rendered in the Devanagari style (this is the peculiarity of the font that I am using).

    Comment by B Shantanu | July 15, 2010

  100. Shantanubhai,

    Now I can see it as Devanagari M.

    Thanks for the clarification.


    Comment by ambu patel | July 17, 2010

  101. व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति (प्रस्तावित)
    संरक्षक- मा. के. एन. गोविंदाचार्य
    माननीय बंधु / भगिनी,
    सादर नमस्कार।
    व्यवस्था सुधार की आवश्यकता को रेखांकित करते हुये उस दिशा में पहल के लिये एक संगठन- व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति बनाने का प्रस्ताव सभी समदर्शी संगठनों को भेजा था। उस प्रस्ताव को उत्साहजनक समर्थन मिला। अतः प्रारंभ में कुछ संगठनों के प्रमुख कार्यकर्ताओं की एक बैठक आयोजित की है, जिसमें प्रस्तावित संगठन के ध्येय, स्वरूप, कर्यपद्धति और विस्तार पर सर्वस्पर्शी चर्चा होकर संगठन की औपचारिक घोषणा हो।
    यह बैठक 20-21 अगस्त 2010 को गांधी शांति प्रतिष्ठान, नयी दिल्ली में होगी। आप सभी से अनुरोध है कि बैठक में संपूर्ण समय रहकर आपका सक्रिय योगदान दें।
    आपके इंतजार में-
    सुरेंद्र बिष्ट
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    दोपहर 3 बजे तक।
    स्थान- गांधी शांति प्रतिष्ठान, दीनदयाल उपध्याय मार्ग, इन्कम टैक्स औफ़िस
    के पास, नयी दिल्ली।
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    व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति (नियोजित)
    संरक्षक- मा. के. एन. गोविंदाचार्य
    संपर्क- एच/ 103, अशोक नगर, वझीरा नाका, बोरीवली –पश्चिम, मुंबई-400091
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    माननीय बंधु / भगिनी,
    सादर नमस्कार।
    देश की बिगडती परिस्थितियों ने व्यवस्था सुधार की अपरिहार्यता को अधिकाधिक घनीभूत ही किया है। आर्थिक उदरीकरण और मुक्त व्यापार के नाम से अपनायी गयी नीतियों ने अमीरों को लाभ तथा गरीबों को लोभ ही दिया है। आर्थिक संसाधन ही नहीं बल्कि सत्तातंत्र और मीडिया भी निगमों के शिकंजे में हैं। सरकार दुर्बलों की संरक्षक की जगह पर अमीरों के हितों में खडी दिखायी देती है। गत वर्षों में केंद्र की सत्ता पर सभी रंगों के दलों का प्रत्यक्ष-अप्रत्यक्ष कब्जा रहा पर उन सब की नीतियों और नीयत में फरक करना मुश्किल है। विश्व के जिन तथाकथित विकसित देशों की प्रत्यक्ष नकल या अप्रत्यक्ष निर्देशों पर सत्ताधारी दल देश को चला रहे थे, उन देशों में शुरु हुये आर्थिक संकटों ने विकास के उस तरीके पर हमारी आशंका को सही ही ठहराया है। अतः देश को ‘ व्यवस्था सुधार’ की लडाई के मोड पर खडा पाते हैं।
    ‘व्यवस्था सुधार’ की लडाई बहुत बडी है तथा किसी एक व्यक्ति या एक संगठन की लडाई भी नहीं है। देशभर में व्यवस्था सुधार के समर्थक अनेक संगठन हैं। इन सभी संगठनों में नियमित संवाद, अधिकाधिक सहमति तथा कुछ मुद्दों पर सहकार्य से आगे का रास्ता खुलेगा। इस उद्देश्य से “व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति” बनाने का प्रस्ताव सभी के सम्मुख प्रस्तुत कर रहें हैं। इसमें आग्रह है कि बिना किसी पूर्वाग्रह के सभी ‘ व्यवस्था सुधार’ समर्थक संगठनों को इसमें शामिल करने का प्रयत्न हो तथा एक देशव्यापी आंदोलन का स्वरूप उभरे।
    ‘व्यवस्था सुधार’ का मुद्दा राज्य-व्यवस्था से जुडा है, तो फिर क्या “व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति” राजनैतिक संगठन होगा? समिति स्वयं राजनैतिक संगठन नहीं होगी पर ‘व्यवस्था सुधार’ के लिये अन्य सभी उपाय अधुरे सिद्ध होने पर राजनैतिक विकल्प पर भी विचार होना- भविष्य की गोद में रहेगा। हमारा अंतिम ध्येय व्यवस्था में बदलाव लाना ही रहेगा, अन्य सारे कार्य इस ध्येय की प्राप्ति में सहायक होंगे।
    आप सभी व्यवस्था में बदलाव के समर्थक और हिमायती हैं तथा उस दिशा में कार्यरत भी हैं। “ व्यवस्था सुधार संघर्ष समिति” के गठन का प्रस्ताव आपके सम्मुख प्रस्तुत है। आप सभी से इस कार्य में सभी प्रकार के सहयोग की विनंति कर रहा हूं तथा शीघ्र ही एकत्रित बैठने की प्रतीक्षा कर रहा हूं।

    सुरेंद्र बिष्ट
    (कार्यकारी संयोजक)

    विशेष निवेदन- यह पत्र अन्य किन संस्थाओं को भेजना योग्य होगा, उनका नाम पता भेजने की विनंति करता हूं।

    Ma. Bandhu / Bhagini,
    Sadar Namaskar.
    Day by day deteriorating conditions of the nation have made Vyavastha Sudhar -“Reforming the System” inevitable. Policies adopted in the name of Economic Liberalization and Free Trade has benefited more and more the Haves and Have-nots have been left behind with temptations only. Not only all the economic resources, but the State and Media are also in the strong grip of Corporate Czars. The existence of the Government is based on the primary duty to protect the poor and vulnerable but just opposite is happening in reality. Political Parties of all colours were / are in Power at Centre, directly or/and indirectly but people have experienced no differences in their Policies and Motives. All these Governments have followed the Policies directly or Dictations indirectly of the so called Developed Nations, but now the Economic Crisis in those Nations has validated our doubts about their path of Development. Therefore we find the country with no alternative except the “Reforming the System”.
    The movement of “Reforming the System” is Himalayan task, so it can not and should not be the movement of a single person or a single organization. There are many organizations working for the above cause. There is a urgent need for regular Dialogues, mutual Understanding on more and more Issues and Co-operations on selected issues. This will open the window of future. Here is a proposal to establish “Vyavastha Sudhar Sangharsh Samiti” to come together and march ahead. All the like minded people without any prejudice are requested to consider our proposal to establish a countrywide movement.
    As “Reforming the System” is Political issue, then will the Samiti be a Political Party? The Samiti will not be the Political Party, but if all efforts to “Reforming the System” become insufficient, then formation of a Political Party will be a open issue. Our self-claimed task is “Reforming the System” and all other issues should be considered accordingly.
    All of us are the supporter of the “Reforming the System” and also working towards that Goal. We are forwarding the proposal to consider establishing “Vyavastha Sudhar Sangharsh Samiti” and requesting to give all types of support. Waiting to sit together for further action.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Surendra Bisht
    Acting Coordinator
    MOB- 09323196743. EMAIL- samagra2020@gmail.com

    Comment by dr surendra bisht | August 15, 2010

  102. Dear Santanu,

    First let me commend you on your blog. Your blog is an excellent source of information for people who dream of being part of a new culture and system where people can live with dignity.

    I have few questions for you since you have worked in the investment community:

    Money is the life line for any business to succeed. And Financial institutions/Banks and Investment communities play a major role in financing new businesses.

    Q1.Why do smart people working in Investment firms invest in businesses that are known to win contracts using unscrupulous means. A great example group for this is infrastructure companies in India. As on date, many investment firms have been queuing up to fund infrastructure companies, while it is a known fact most of the contracts are won through unscrupulous means.

    Q2.Why do Banks/Financial Instituitions lend money to many of the big firms whose credentials are dubious?

    Q3. Doesn’t the smart managers really know how many of the tenders are awarded and can’t they really figure out.

    Q4. If supposedly smart people make such decisions and help perpetuate the theory Growth at any cost….who else can help reform the society?

    Note: I tried to post these queries in few VC – Community circles and to my surprise my post was moderated.

    Comment by Sukhvinder | August 27, 2010

  103. Dear Sukhvinder, Thanks for your comment and kind words…

    I usually avoid talking about personal matters on my blog but perhaps I should make an exception…

    I am in the middle of writing a post touching on another personal matter (why I left India and why I have come back) and I will try and answer your points more fully in that post (it should be ready within the next two weeks)…

    For now, here is my brief response:
    Q1.Why do smart people working in Investment firms invest in businesses that are known to win contracts using unscrupulous means.
    “Smart” does not automatically translate into values…Bermie Maddoff is very smart – as was Harshad Mehta.

    Q4. If supposedly smart people make such decisions and help perpetuate the theory Growth at any cost….who else can help reform the society?

    The task of “reforming” the society needs to be everyone’s responsibility not just some “smart” people (by the way, smart by whose definition?)…By everyone, I mean everyone who is able-bodied, well-fed, well-read, “educated” and does not sleep hungry…that means the vast majority of my blog readers…Sadly we seem to have forgotten about that responsibility…A “nation” cannot be reformed by one person or even a group of people…A society and a culture lives and dies by its people…
    More on this later…

    P.S. The name is Shantanu (with an “h”).

    Comment by B Shantanu | August 28, 2010

  104. Dear Shantanu,

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Sorry for the oversight in spelling your name. I corrected it now:)

    I really look forward to seeing your blog post on your experiences.

    On the Investment community decision making front, I do understand that Smart does not automatically translate into values. However, I will be surprised to find that so many well educated and well read people are constrained in their decision making on investment objectives. And most of these people casually talk about integrity and honest management team is what they look for in the companies.

    Apart from Politics, financing is another area that needs reforms to ensure lasting changes in the society. I really do hope Bernie Madoff/Harshad Mehta are exceptions in the Investment community and majority of the educated people are constrained.

    Since you have worked in investment community, do you see any hope in bringing the finance community to tackle these kind of issues. Right from Project financing to investing, if the investors show that they really do not fund projects that are known to be acquired through unscrupulous means, good businesses can be created. Ofcourse, always there will be exceptions.

    Comment by Sukhvinder | August 29, 2010

  105. Sukhvinder…no problem about the spelling :-)…
    Will attempt a response to your questions in my forthcoming post…Stay tuned.

    Comment by B Shantanu | August 30, 2010

  106. Dear Shantanu,

    You are doing really nice work! Your blog is a great source of inspiration.

    Thanks for it.

    Just a thaught: I think it will be really nice if you can sort the comments in descending order of date, latest at top.

    Comment by Girish Sakhare | September 12, 2010

  107. India is a rich country? With a per capita income among the lowest in the world, devoid of natural resources, dependent on expensive oil to meet its energy needs – how is it a rich country? Remeber “satyameva jayate” – look at figures before calling it a rich country.

    How can the progressives bring about a change in policies – the political power rests with the poor majority who is manipulated to vote along regressive lines. When India tried SEZ – it was a good policy – yet was opposed by the people themselves as well as their opinion leaders.

    The educated class does not take responsibility – I don’t agree with this kind of a politician type of politically correct (“anti elitist”) statement. The educated class analyses the problems of the country and reads and writes a lot – like what you are doing here. But they don’t mould or shape the policies. The poor class does which is played upon more easily by the political oportunists.

    Read my book – which is coming up in a few months time – Democracy on Trial, All rise – a citizen questions democracy. I’ll let you know details when it is out.
    satyamev jayate – not homilies and false blame games.

    Comment by Anu | September 13, 2010

  108. @Anu: Hurried comment since I am travelling…India is *not* devoid of natural resources (short of oil, perhaps); it has one of the largest (I think the largest) fertile land amongst all countries in the world…I can go on…but India is poor because our leadership has failed NOT because of any other reason (think Japan – truly devoid of almost any resource you can think of)…

    As William Nanda Bissell (MD, FabIndia) said:India is not a poor country, it is a poorly managed country.

    I will look forward to your book. Thanks

    Comment by B Shantanu | September 14, 2010

  109. Hi Mr. Shantanu.
    I appreciate your zeal to do something for India. A nation made of many people. Indigenous as well as foreign.

    I would recon you are a zealot from West Bengal? I maybe wrong. But I really feel exactly what you feel in your opening statements. Infact not only you but most of INdia feels the same way. IN general we are all human and 1/3rd corrupt. IS there a cure for corruption. Thats the root cause of this problem “India Suffering”.

    The corrupt are not born overnight. Its a phenomenon that has been ruining this country for Millennia.
    It all has to do with power. Power in the form of Religion [Streams of thought] that aligned with the kings to rule and benefit from the meek. The same powers killed Shivaji, Lok Manya Tilak. They know it too.

    Corruption in cultures – Religion preaches this _ “Fear the lord or You will die in Hell”. “Offer Puja of face the curse”. “Fear Allah of Go to HEll [Jahanum]”
    I am an ardent subscriber of the Vedas. Though not indigenous, but a great trove of wealth. I was born a Catholic, I wandered around the charismatic Christians, but the VEdas never let me down. Im not Hindu. If i thought i was then it would be “Sindhu” to be politically, historically and geographically correct. The reason i mention this point is i see a lot of ‘Hindu’ view points raised here. [Lokmanya Tilak’s – “The Arctic Home of the Vedas” is a must read]. These view points have already separated your ideology or thoughts from the main stream [Dalit, Muslim, Christian, Sikh]. I was wondering if that was the objective.

    Its not the Hindu thought that will mobilise the counrty, nor will the Christian thought that will mobilise the country, not the islamic thought that will mobilise the country. It will be the indigenous peoples that will make this happen. They allowed all streams of thought to flourish here wiping their own pre aryan, pre – missionary, pre islam ways of life and thought.
    Its these people who will come to the rescue of the land. “The land recognises its true masters.”

    Its ironic that you make a statement that “… with our belly’s full we sit in the comfort of our homes…” aren’t you doing exactly that?

    I would like to ask you, what makes a ruler or a politician?
    * Strength
    * Cunningness
    * Political correctness
    * Some amount of Power in the form of [gunda power] say something against them and you will be killed.
    * Alignment with nefarious people. [Again asserting power]
    * A good front of being Noble
    * Getting approval from others on being Noble.
    * Most start off as being Noble but end up somewhere else altogether.

    If philosophers ruled, then we would be secure. They are not aligned with any caste or religion.
    If the saints who have given up the ways of this world ruled then we would be in a better shape.
    Vishnu – Being the symbol of Wisdom, ruled then there is hope. But they are not here and we are.
    The hand of God will never intervene in our mess. We will have to sort it out ourselves.

    I know you already dislike me because of my views. But that is the truth. Streams of thought [Religions] are there for social order. They are a necessary element. They are all good. Some better than the rest.

    If you would come out and say im heading to Shivaji park for a meeting all those like minded people should be there.
    I would follow you there. If you asked me to come to the Mantralaya and help in overthrowing the occupants out, I would join you there.

    Just like Shri Krishna told Arjun… Its action.. either forward or backward. THe action is what counts. And not be unhappy with the results, but plain action.

    I dont mean any disrespect Mr. Shantanu, but start a party, spread the Vision statement, Get people like me to join you. As well as be open to criticisms. They are always healthy and a growth booster.

    Wish you greatest of Health

    “Om Tat Sat”
    Satyameva Jayate
    God bless.

    Comment by Ekulda | September 15, 2010

  110. Hi,
    Very inspiring!
    It is said “Seek the Truth and Truth Shall Set you Free”
    But remember “Partial truths are partial falsities”
    GOD Bless You.

    Jai Hind

    Comment by Nithin Gomez | October 12, 2010

  111. @Ekulda: Thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts. A hurried reply:
    Re, “Its ironic that you make a statement that “… with our belly’s full we sit in the comfort of our homes…” aren’t you doing exactly that?” – Actually, no. I am spending a very significant part of my time in political activism these days.

    As for your remarks on corruption, a post is coming soon. I took the rest of your comments in a positive spirit..believe me, they did not make me angry or upset me (or made me dislike you!)…

    As for “I dont mean any disrespect Mr. Shantanu, but start a party, spread the Vision statement, Get people like me to join you.“, this is very much happening…Pl do join the facebook page which is a more up-to-date with regards my activities.

    Finally, “As well as be open to criticisms. They are always healthy and a growth booster.”, I agree!

    @Nithin: Thank you for your kind words…I hope we will have your support in our mission to “Reclaim India”. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Comment by B Shantanu | October 15, 2010

  112. A brief profile
    A political activist by choice and an engineer by training, Shantanu Bhagwat is also a one-time diplomat and a venture investor.

    These days he divides his time between UK and India, working on raising political consciousness and improving political processes with a view to bring about systemic reform in India. A major part of his present activities relates to building networks and relationships across nascent political movements in India and on raising political consciousness amongst the educated class in India.

    In a career spanning two decades, Shantanu has worked across geographies and industries, including several years in Japan and in the UK. Until recently a Partner at a venture capital firm, he has also worked at a strategy consulting firm in London. Prior to that, spent several years in the Indian Foreign Service, working in New Delhi and Tokyo.

    Shantanu is a graduate in Computer Engineering and holds an MBA from London Business School where he was a Chevening Scholar. He is also a Charter Member of TiE-UK in London and on the Board of Directors of India Policy Institute in New Delhi.

    Comment by B Shantanu | November 22, 2010

  113. Good to know you Shantanu. I am still in the cocoon, almost ready to come out. I Strongly believe in working on my neighborhood first and at the same time connecting to a country wide like minded social activism.

    I also strongly believe that politicians themselves are a victim in this chaos. It could be difficult even the noble ones to sustain. So my intent is never to fight them, not the people.

    I will be engaging with you more and more going forward. All the very best and Keep going :)

    Comment by Sugumar | November 28, 2010

  114. shantanu’s USP is his deep rooted hate for each and every muslim on this earth along with the islamic faith.

    Comment by peacemonger | November 29, 2010

  115. @Sugumar: Thanks a lot…I am sure our paths will cross sometime soon…

    @peacemonger: Good try but does not wash…I am way past the point where I get needled by these remarks. But next time you say this about someone else, read a bit more widely before making such a statement…Try and make your point using facts and supporting evidence…bland statement(s) like these do not help you look (and sound) credible..and finally understand nuance…It helps.

    Oh, and pl do read the comments policy.

    Please note I may be delayed in responding to and/or moderating comments as I am travelling for the next few days

    Comment by B Shantanu | November 29, 2010

  116. Hi Shantanu,

    Pleasantly surprised to come across a blog that’s been created with the right intentions.

    This page also gave me a sense of deja vu. Let me explain why.

    You said – “..During the last few months, it felt that this cycle of anger, frustration, despair and deep desire to do something radically different was being repeated ever few days…Somewhere down the line, sometime in the last few weeks, these feelings turned into something positive – a positive determination to do something…a positive determination to bring about change…a positive determination that we will succeed..”

    I went through a phase like that several years back and I wanted to do something about it. But unlike your focus which is much wider in scope, mine was related to a niche area – Higher education opportunities for Indians in the management sphere.

    After completed my MBA from a top university, I started an initiative (avoiding the gory details and URL links to respect the commenting rules of this forum) to make it a level playing field for Indian applicants to the top universities. Going by the appreciation and the response the initiative has received so far, I’m planning to quit my corporate role and move into it full time in the next couple of months (slight quiver in my fingers as I type that last part).

    But I also harbour another hope. Many of the guys I help out will get into the top univs and graduate to get some great jobs. I just hope a fraction of them come back to India and make a difference back home. You did it. I am trying to do my bit as well. So I don’t think it’s an impractical wish. Every bit counts.

    Just wanted to share my immediate reactions with you. I could’ve sent you a private email as well (with tons of links), but I wanted to share my story with others as well. If any of this sounds inappropriate to be posted, feel free to delete the entire comment.

    Great work. Keep it up, Shantanu. If you need to use our online platform (and we get quite a few mature, high-potential, intellectual AND action-oriented readers just like your site) to send across any message, I’d be happy to help out.

    – Sameer

    Comment by Sameer | December 1, 2010

  117. Dear Shanthanu,

    I heared your speech at Bharathiya Vichara Kendram, Trivandrum. It was very useful and I stopped reading newspaper, watching Television news and started reading internet news. Thank you very much for your speech in Vichara Vedi.

    Ajith kumar P

    Comment by Ajith Kumar | December 2, 2010

  118. Sameer: Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story and experience…I would love to leverage your online platform..I will send you an email once I am back from my travels sometime next week and we can take it from there…
    P.S. There are a a very few things that I consider inappropriate for posting here (as you may have noticed!). This certainly is NOT in that category. So please do continue to share your thoughts and ideas…

    @ Ajith: Thanks Ajith…Becoming aware about whats happening around us is a crucial step in this process and I am very glad to see that you are already broadening your reading(s).

    I hope to see you here more often.

    Comment by B Shantanu | December 4, 2010

  119. wonderful initiative SB. Most of the educated middle class feel the same about our Bharat but as you rightly said, we need to work to feed our family. Let me know if you are in Hyderabad. We have JP here who works on similar lines and runs a party called Loksatta.

    I am here to be part of change process….

    Comment by Shyam Reddy | December 20, 2010

  120. Why is that NRI’s show the most virulent support for the RSS and other right-wing outfits combined with a distasteful hatred for Muslims?

    This “blog” comes across as the ramblings of a man who seems to have had a very disturbed childhood.

    We dont need NRI’s telling lowly natives back home why this party is good or bad. If Mr.Bhagwat really cared, he would be coming down here and staying with the “natives” and working with us to make this country better, instead of promoting hatred and half-truths about a certain dynasty.

    You, Mr.Bhagwat need to step down from your high pedestal. And yes you need to GROW UP. You are no longer the pimply fat kid in school who nobody wanted to play with.

    And another thing: Not all Hindus are appreciative of the RSS and their types. I am hindu, but i dont support the RSS at all! Infact I have a deep seated worry that the RSS will do to our culture what the Lashkar and Jamaat did to the Muslim community.

    Comment by Ashish Prabhu | December 22, 2010

  121. @ashish prabhu

    “Why is that NRI’s show the most virulent support for the RSS and other right-wing outfits combined with a distasteful hatred for Muslims?”

    Perhaps it is because of the penchant of assorted quislings like yourself to sell the country out to the lowest bidder from ideologies like communism, socialism, secularism, islamism & christism. People like yourself who claim to be natives have nothing but contempt for natives – you are part of an english educated class who look down everything native including native customs, culture, philosophy, thought and history – and whatever you claim to respect has to be whetted first by your ideologies. Is it any surprise the likes of you adopt fashionable foreign ideologies. Under your watch India has been systematically stripped of her pride, her identity, her wealth and her virtue.
    It is amusing to see you slandering NRI (who put thier hard earned money and spare time to preserve whatever is indian about india) while you keep supporting the imported “memsahib” and her moppet under whose watch the country has been looted, and a free run provided to islamists, christists and maoists. Ironically it seems (courtesy wikileaks) your memsahib is more comfortable speaking to other assorted whites (Shrive et al) than with natives – including wannabe whities like yourself.

    Funny you dont seem to have noticed your own ilk, communists, christist and islamist NRI who raise funds abroad in order to undermine hinduism (if you have any sympathy left for it at all). Your lot is not only blind, but malignant, thriving within the country while undermining its natural values, mores and social and institutional structures,. Hindutva is a homegrown (native) reaction to cancerous elements like yourself. Ultimately Hindutva will extirpate your venom. Make no mistake about that.

    Comment by moonclan | December 25, 2010

  122. Namaste.

    I am happy to mention that some of the posts in “Satyameva Jayate”
    are forwarded/link provided to my Google Group : http://groups.google.co.in/group/foundation-for-indian-scientific-heritage?hl=en?hl=en-GB

    We need to join our heads, hands and hearts together with our souls to reassert our Bharatiya Identity and Ideal.
    Satyam Jayate Eva! Indeed, Truth Alone Shall Win!!

    Comment by Dr S Ramakrishna Sharma | March 16, 2011

  123. Hi Shantanu — I wanted to contact you, but couldn’t find your email address anywhere on the website. I wish to join you in your campaigns to educate people about politics and the need for transformation. Can you please send me your email so that I can discuss more? Thanks!

    Comment by Harsh | April 14, 2011

  124. Namaste Sri Shantanuji. Have you heard of Breaking India – Western Intervention in Dalit and Dravidian fault lines written by Sri Rajiv Malhotra and Sri Aravindan Neelakandan. Would like you to join the Breaking India e-group if possible and share your insights on some great discussions happening in the breaking India e-group.

    Hari Om

    K P Ganesh

    Comment by K P Ganesh | May 25, 2011

  125. dear sir
    Thanks for sharing your comments with us . A day will come when we see our country without corruption .I had read about you it really wonderful . every one in our country must realise about corruption then India will become a developed country
    keep on going like this

    jai bharth

    Comment by harika | June 3, 2011

  126. Dear Shantanu,

    Please allow me to congratulate you on the wonderful work you have done in creating this site. It is truly unique and one of a kind. You have, for you truly deserve it, the grace and the blessings of your Mother India. Your humility and your sincerity shine through. I hope that this site is the seed of a mighty tree of the future for “…there is no beginning so mean, which continued application will not make considerable” (Plutarch, Life of Caesar)


    Comment by G | June 8, 2011

  127. ”I have only just come across this blog…. All that you write resonates with me.Your journey is really my journey and I guess it must be so for many many hindus .”
    Thank Shri Shanatanu..its not u its me..
    Bharat mata ki jai
    jai sriram

    Comment by Rajesh | July 18, 2011

  128. From Rats all: Why leaders prefer to hide from their people by R Jagannathan:”..India and the world need leaders who are wysiwyg (what you see is what you get), not those who are afraid of the people

    So very true.

    Comment by B Shantanu | October 11, 2011

  129. Dear Sir,

    Your workshop at Kalina university was really inspiring and an eye opener to many more youngsters like me.
    But what i believe and have been learning is that a leader may or may not be intelligent but he has to be capable of gathering intelligence from his resources. He must posses Aanvishiki to differentiate between good and bad and has to have a foresight which will enable him to streamline the future of the country.He may not be excellent but an uncommon in common.
    You have shown us how to think and I am thankful to u.
    We expect your frequent visits.Please take an initiative.
    Thank You.
    Ashish A Pimple
    CIPL, Kalina University

    Comment by Ashish A Pimple | December 27, 2011

  130. first of all congratulation for this job.
    i feel proud that someone is their to help us in future.i want to stand against the corruption. In today’s life i afraid of applying any job any where because applying is lose of money, as political powers are involved. i m afraid that me myself and my bf are waiting to marry if we get a job but what to do we r not because till now we thought it is our bad luck but we came to know after applying near about 100-150 application that it our luck but its our bad luck that we don’t have any political hand to go ahead.
    Once again thanks to the team and congratulation for this work.

    Comment by monika | May 6, 2012

  131. Hi sir,
    you are doing very Nice work.
    Good Bless you
    “jai hind”

    Comment by sharad pawar | July 22, 2012

  132. How can I contact you? I am a journalist and wanted to speak to you regarding the corruption issues being raised today. You have spoken favourably about the anti corruption movement too. Kindly tell me how to get in touch. I dont know your email id or your phone number. Please drop me an email. I am told you were responsible for Rang De venture too. In fact the couple who worked on it were once in touch with me and I had written about the site.

    Comment by lata | October 25, 2012

  133. Dear Shanatanu,

    I came to know about you by your blogs in TOI. I am 55 years, an engineer having my own small business in New york. I work from home. I can’t tell you how similar our thoughts are!! When I read your introduction, I felt as if you were giving words to my feelings.

    I have been praying almost every day for the last about 2 years seeking guidance and strength from almighty to steer me to doing something for my beloved motherland. When I saw IAC movement in 2011, I felt like joining them leaving USA. But I have still not been able to muster enough courage unlike you to come out of my comfort zone and devout full time to Nation building. But let me tell you -I am physically in USA but my heart and soul are in India. I am still Indian citizen. For me it is my umbilical chord with Mother India.

    When I chanced upon your blog here and read about vision and things you are doing, I feel like my prayers have been answered. I am at a right place. I am willing to contribute in whatever way you wish me to. I have made a small donation to start with.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Vande Matram.


    Comment by Jayesh | October 28, 2012

  134. Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement..I am deeply humbled..
    Pray that we get enough numbers and strength to stop the loot in our country..
    I shall respond to some of you who have wished to get in touch, as appropriate.
    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Comment by B Shantanu | October 28, 2012

  135. Hi Shantanu,

    As promised in the TOI blog today, I came to take a quick look see and my quick look turned into a detailed read!

    It is great to see you do this stuff. It is the stuff one dreams about but is perennially worried about running out of material resources midway in the process. Typical middle class insecurity I must add.

    I have been toying with the idea of starting a modern school that is intertwined with hindu morals and spirituality, but unfortunately not taking the plunge yet. Hopefully following your writings will clear my thoughts and inspire me to better deeds. It is indeed refreshing to see so many people commenting on your blog wanting to do something positive. Take care and thanks again for your efforts.

    Comment by Venkatesh | November 26, 2012



    Comment by priyam | February 11, 2013

  137. Hi,

    I am a Strategy consultant with over 6 yrs of work ex and have cleared the recently announced UPSC 2012 exams. I decided to pursue the Civil Services career because of a combination of three main reasons: a)Disenchantment with the current public services delivery system b) Opportunity to add value to people who need it most and a chance to understand problems of the guy on the road and connect with him c) Diversity of roles that a corporate career can’t offer!

    But all along, I’ve also been having my misgivings on making the transition from a reasonably long MNC kind of working to the trials and tribulations of bureaucracy! And reading your blog, just accentuates that feeling!

    I would really like to speak/write to you if possible, considering that I have to make up my mind and decide to join the service I will be alloted (IAS/IFS) pretty soon!

    Comment by Karthik | June 5, 2013

  138. sir,
    good to know that even today there are some people who still remember that there are youth in this country and how important it is to cater our needs.

    Comment by Abhishek Sharma | June 15, 2013

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