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Contribute your time (around 2 hours per week – or more)

In particular, I need assistance with offline communications (newsletter etc), translation work (presentations and specific blog posts) and many other content-specific tasks. If you have the time, please email me at JaiDharma AT gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Help us organise meetings and outreach campaigns in your area

This is a critical area where assistance is required. Organising an outreach in your area or city will typically need to be planned 2-3 months ahead. If you have someone else alongside to help you, it becomes a bit easier. If you are already affiliated with an institution or a group, it becomes even easier. Please get in touch with me if you are keen to explore this further and/or have some ideas. Here are a few links to some recent outreach activities: If its Feb, it must be the month for outreach!, Notes from North-East: Politics, FTI and Corruption and Cups of Tea & Living in Hope: Notes from the road


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  1. Dear Shantanu,

    Do you recall that we along with Sanjeev Sabhlok and others used to discuss on the forums way back in 2007-08 and I contested Assemly elections from Lok Paritran party at Bangalore in May 2008? After the horrible experience with the founders of Lok Paritran and also due to ridiculous response of voters against corruption, I stayed away from these activities and tried to involve myself differently. With the Anna wave likely to make considerable difference in the perceptions of the larger public against corruption, I would like to get in to direct involvement of getting the right people elected instead of indefinitely waiting for the full strength to fall in line with idealistic views of Sanjeev Sabhlok, whom I admire a lot. I wish to know if Arvind Kejriwal also used to participate in the forum discussions then. How can I go back to those old discussions on the forum. Kindly let me know how I can fit in with your efforts too. Regards,

    Cdr. (Retd) BB Khilari
    Currently farming at Yavatmal!

    Comment by Cdr. (Retd) BB Khilari | September 4, 2011

  2. Dear Cdr. Khilari

    I’ve checked my email records and google quickly and the earliest record of our interaction is on this blog (http://satyameva-jayate.org/2008/01/09/freedom-team-for-india/ – see comment #19).

    Thereafter you’ll have to remind me – where exactly have we participated in regular discussions on a forum? I don’t think you applied to join FTI, did you? FTI has a very active forum and also meets regularly. Your participation (subject to your agreeing to the basic stance – classical liberal – i.e. liberty) would be most welcome.

    It is good to hear that you are back “online” and willing to put your shoulder to the task along with other like-minded people.

    FTI is quite different to anything or any movement so far in India, in that it is not designed for the short term, and has not aspiration to jump into active politics unless the people of India WANT it to. We are steadily growing in strength, but much of it is leadership strength, not grassroots. That is definitely not enough, but it is, in our view, the only way to succeed. I’ve written a lot and Shantanu has spoken a lot (e.g. his Chandigarh Press club outreach). Consider the points here: http://sabhlokcity.com/2011/10/the-ends-and-means-must-match-fti-has-the-right-ends-but-must-also-follow-the-right-path/.

    In brief, let’s hasten slowly. Arvind Kejriwal has not been party to the FTI actions and I suspect he is a socialist, and hence he won’t join FTI.

    We have a lot of documents on FTI’s website, please check these out, and if you agree, apply to join FTI. Look forward to your participation.

    Comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok | October 15, 2011

  3. sir do you really think that all this is gonna get a change in our society? India being one of the biggest countries in the world is still in a developing stage who is responsible for all this? the answer lies just within us there is no point in just pointing out the government even we as the citizens of this nation are responsible for this. We even don’t give a proper thought for our social problems. Sir when small countries like Libiya and Japan are capable of changing the face of their countries then why can’t we? its just we are lazy this is an undigestable truth even we accept it or not so I just want you to make it huge thing by letting youngsters into this great thought please do conduct programs in all the institutions in our country and get a strong support of youth. Because they are the future of this country.

    Comment by poojitha dandamudi | May 6, 2012

  4. Please note that Aamir Khan’s latest “show” has nothing to do w/ me or my blog

    Here is a bit more about me: http://satyameva-jayate.org/about-me/ and
    Here are some videos/photos from my various activities: http://satyameva-jayate.org/photos-and-videos/
    Here is where you should start if you are first-time visitor to the blog: http://satyameva-jayate.org/2011/01/05/primer-for-blog/
    Here is how you can help: http://satyameva-jayate.org/support-us/

    If you still wish to help me in my poltiical activities, pl write to me at JaiDharma @ gmail.com

    P.S. Pl do not leave any comment about the show on this blog (it is not related). In case you do wish to comment on a specific topic covered in the show, pl find the appropriate thread (using the “Search” box at the bottom of the page – or at the top – or the “Categories” drop-down menu.
    Pl also read my comments policy (here:http://satyameva-jayate.org/legal-disclaimer/) before commenting and please note that irrelevant comments will be deleted without notice.

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 6, 2012

  5. I salute you for the task and for thinking about my beautiful nation.
    This will help to create a better india in the future for our coming generation.
    Ravi Gupta

    Comment by ravi gupta | May 7, 2012

  6. DEAR ALL,

    I will agree with both of you. It is the mistake of both government and society…. So by blaming the Government or the society will problems solve? no they will not. As a responsible citizen we should do our duties correctly and make others to do. Every change starts with a single step. But unfortunately no one wants to start with that first step. I am not blaming any one my intention is to bring change even in some people who can do some thing. We should start changing our self first, then our family, friends. then automatically change comes. India can develop. If we change first automatically the government changes. because We are the government. we can make our government to do things.

    Comment by LAKSHMI | May 7, 2012

  7. Hi Poojitha,

    mai aap se ik sho pratishat sahmat nahi hu, Kyoki uchit prayas har taraf se hone chahiye. Kador kanoon aur tatkaal nyayaly bnane chahiye jo aise aaropo ka 10 ya 20 din mai faisala sunaye, Dhayan rahe aaropi ko kador se kador dand diya jaaye aur uske sath sath samajik star par bhi jagriti ka kaam purjor chale. Sabse pahle un 100 se adhik doctors ke parmit tatkaal sarkar nirast kare jinko sting operation mai pakda gaya aur jin do patrkaro ye ye kaam kiya unke bharat ratn se sammanit kare, aur unnka maanshik shosan band kare sarkaar. aap kya sochate hai? aise deshbhakt logo ko bharat ratn nahi milna chahiye jo apni jaan par khel kar etane bade tantra ke khilaf aavaj udate h jo bahut crur aur shaktishali h?

    dhayan rahe

    Yatra naryastu poojte, ramnte tatra devta!



    Comment by Yogi | May 7, 2012

  8. i really appreciate your way to work and wake up to people…i am really proud that i am women…and as a women we have to try that not happen again in socity..just bleaming to dr.or goverment problam never solve but we have to do something as well..


    grishma patel

    Comment by grishma patel | May 7, 2012

  9. Dear Shantanu,
    your website is really a fanstatic website.you guys are really doing a good work towards the society.iam a student of 10th studying at Nashik,Maharashtra.i will more than happy to help you in anyway according to my level.if you need any kind of my help please notify me at my Email account.thanking you

    Ma Ayush sharma

    Comment by Ayush Sharma | May 15, 2012

  10. Dear Shantanu,

    I am Really impressed for the work and the truths that brought forward to the common people who are not aware and educating them.

    I am willing to participate in this great work of honour. For this great work I think my contribution is very less.

    My Name is Vamsi Krishna D from Hyderabad working in One of the Well Known Multi National Company.

    Sir You Can Reach Me On My email i.e vamshi_devarakonda@yahoo.co.in or Mobile 0905246681.


    Vamsi Krishna

    Comment by Vamshi Krishna | May 26, 2012

  11. Dear All: Thank you very much for your offers of help and assistance..I have got in touch with all of you via email and will continue to follow-up as appropriate..
    Thanks again. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

    Comment by B Shantanu | May 26, 2012

  12. B Shantanu SIR,I will also like to join in your work

    Comment by sunita patankar | June 26, 2012

  13. sir,

    i am a student at JIET, Jodhpur. i attended one of your seminars and have been reading some of the newsletters and i would like to help in this mission. this is the least contribution i can do.kindly contact me on my email id.

    thanking you

    Comment by Aakanksha Singh | July 3, 2012

  14. Hello Sir,
    I would love to participate in this mission and contribute to the cause of shaping the future course.
    Looking at the large volume of content that you have accumulated and written about I would be spending time on the same and then come back to you with more ideas suggestions and practical ways to execute plans that you have drawn out and already set about doing:)
    Hats off to your vision and activities being carried out.

    Comment by anand | July 15, 2012

  15. I am Really impressed for the work and the truths that brought forward to the common people who are not aware and educating them.

    I am willing to participate in this great work of honour. For this great work I think my contribution is very less.

    My Name is Hrithik from Udaipur.
    Sir You Can Reach Me On My email i.e hrithikjoy1998@gmail.com.



    Comment by Hrithik | July 31, 2012

  16. Hello Sir,

    Happy Friendship Day

    Here I am ready to contribute in most of the ways you have listed above.
    Can spend time, prepare documents/ppts etc. Am open for conducting & organising outreach.

    And whatever you feel reasonable from time to time.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish M

    Comment by Manish | August 5, 2012

  17. Dear Sir,

    This is for the first time i am visiting Ur blog. I’m a housewife and was thinking to write a blog on kinda same issue/topic. this is how i came across Ur blog. Ur work is really commendable. I would be really happy to help you in this project and make India a better place to live by spreading messages to all and everyone.

    I would like to contribute my time on Ur blog as required by you. I am good at content management and will be active enough to upload current affairs at earliest.

    Hope to hear a positive revert!

    Thanks & Regards

    Comment by Kirtika | October 15, 2012

  18. Dear Sir

    \Its great initiative and i really want to be a part of it. i am running a small web development company and can hep u lot in managing your website and other graphic related work .I can also help u to organizing meetings and all

    Thank you
    Abhishek Dixit

    Comment by Abhishek Dixit | October 25, 2012

  19. Hi

    Like to help as a volunteer for organising

    Like to help with offline communications (newsletter etc), translation work (presentations and specific blog posts) and many other content-specific tasks.

    Comment by suma | February 27, 2014

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