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February 2nd, 2012 Posted by | | 4 comments


  1. Dear Sir, I am an NRI who have been following the Anna Hazzare IAC movement. I saw your speech on importance of politics to change our country. I fully agree and I have few suggestions :
    1.The indifference of common man and Youth is because of lack of awareness on how bad politics affects him or her. With massive media campaign this awareness can be spread faster across the length and breath of the country I suppose.

    2.The advertisement should be such a way that makes a common man to sit down and take note and think!

    3.The need of the hour is synergy with IAC movement and other good organizations collective effort to create awareness for common man.

    The best way to create awareness clearly and faster across this big country is to make Regularly use of Print and TV media to have a clear & focused message through proper advertisement and also rope in celebrities to convey the message. This is the Fastest and effective way.

    Once there is clear understanding to common man on how policies / politics and Corruption is affecting him in terms of wastage of his tax money, his rights and his safety to their children future, he shall start taking things seriously.

    Even I had earlier suggested to IAC to create a fund from NRI’s etc and make use of it to advertise in all media on All India basis regularly to create awareness. This is important for the movement to create a change in the society.

    Best Rgds

    Comment by kripal | February 26, 2012

  2. Sir

    i was there in the short seminar you took in IIT Jodhpur along with my friends. i was greatly inspired and deeply moved and so were my friends. but like all the youth of india which are easily distracted though at that moment we were totally fueled up, we have lost the focus… its like… india ka kuch ni ho sakta… n all that… i have been reading a few of ur newsletters( wheneva i get tym dat is)… and dats all i do… how does that create a change… i m sorry but i m totally muddles up..

    thanking you
    Aakanksha Singh

    Comment by Aakanksha Singh | April 16, 2012

  3. You are doing a very good job by showing such a concepts which needs public attention.

    Thank you for spreading awareness in public.

    Monali Thakkar

    Comment by MONALI | May 8, 2012

  4. HI sir,
    your are doing a fantastic job. through this type of communication at least common people convey their thought, their problems to whole community.
    best of luck and go ahead.

    Comment by Neelkantha Pati | February 9, 2014

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