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[12 Aug 2014 | 17 Comments | 345 views]
Condemnation of ISIS cruelty towards the Yazidis by Islamic Scholars & Leaders

Dear All: This is a hurried post – mainly to create a place-holder to list condemnation of ISIS’ brutality and cruelty towards Yazidis by Islamic scholars and leaders worldwide..I was moved to pen this post after reading this heart-rending account of the plight of these innocent people caught in the cross-fire of “Jihad”:
For the past week, Khandhar Kaliph’s hands have trembled whenever his phone has rung. He nervously greeted his daughter, who had been kidnapped when the Islamic State (Isis) overran the Yazidi city of Sinjar. There was a minute of …

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[11 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments | 240 views]
Gurudev Tagore on being a “Christian Hindu”..

Courtesy the indefatigable Sh SV Raju, editor of Freedom First, comes this excerpt re. the recent controversy triggered by Goa Dy CM’s statement about his being a “Christian Hindu”. Read on (emphasis added)…
Francis D’Souza will be glad to know he is in good company, in fact distinguished company!
When I read this I was reminded of an article..first published in…Quest in 1961 on the occasion of the 150th birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. In his article Atma Parichaya -(Introducing Oneself)–(written in Bengali and translated by Buddhadeva Basu) Tagore said something similar …

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[2 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 52 views]
Major Design Update..

Dear Friends, at some point over the next few days, I will be making some major design changes to the blog and also upgrade the platform.
I hope the changeover will be smooth.
In case of any major hiccup (I hope not), please direct your browser to this URL: where I will post updates (only in an emergency).
Thank you for your patience and support – as always.

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[27 Jul 2014 | No Comment | 491 views]

Alert Reader Chinmay has pointed out that almost all these pics (save one?) are of other railway lines…
This serves as a good reminder to me to be careful of what I read online..and to be sure about authenticity of pics/facts before posting them online…
I am going to let this post remain though – as a warning (to myself) of the perils of online information..

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[19 Jul 2014 | 4 Comments | 517 views]
Re-examining History: The Gold Railing, The Leaks, The Palaces

…or was the Taj an extant structure prior to 1631?
*** CAUTION: Long Post ***
In the first part of this series, we noticed the wide discrepancy in historical accounts of the construction of the Taj which led us to “…wonder whether the brickwork of the central edifice, the foundations, the layout, indeed the entire structure, was already complete when Shah Jahan started to ‘build’ the Taj Mahal?”
What makes me think that? Is the fact of wide divergence in the accounts of construction of the Taj basis enough to conclude that the …

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[11 Jul 2014 | 3 Comments | 192 views]
A graphic illustration of the perilous state of Indian Economy

Some superb graphs courtesy this post by John Samuel Raja on the perilous state of India’s finances, following the excerpts:
What makes it worse for the government is the inelasticity on both the revenue and expenditure sides, which limits its options.
…The government is living way beyond its means. As much as Rs137.6 of this Rs157.6 is going towards meeting running expenses, as opposed to creating assets that deliver benefits in later years. And just five items—interest payments, defence spending, subsidies, salaries and pensions—account for Rs110.
…The biggest outgo on the expenditure side, …