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[1 Apr 2014 | 6 Comments | 207 views]
Is this the end of my fb page?

Over the last few weeks, I began to notice an odd trend on my facebook page..
The “Total Reach” of my posts began to show a marked drop in numbers (see the first 2 images).
While I am aware that fb rarely manages to “show” my updates/posts to *all* the members of my page (see the 3rd image), the drop was puzzling…Late last week, it got worse. The “Total Reach” of the last few posts very clearly showed an alarming – and almost steady – decrease in numbers, from ~20% to less …

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[28 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments | 236 views]
On BJP, supporting NaMo and the Long Road..

Back in December 2013, when I joined AAP, I was hoping this would be another front against the Congress/UPA…This is what I wrote then (emphasis added):
As for the BJP, in spite of Sh. Modi, my publicly stated opposition to its “collusion” with the rotten system remains in place. The big difference between my stance in July and today is that instead of “one man” who has a fighting chance of making Congress history, today we have two. One remains the front-runner to lead India.  It is time to work with the other …

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[15 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 2 views]
From recent panel discussions @ LBS and LSE in London

Just back from an amazing afternoon at the India Business Forum where I was privileged to share a panel with High Commissioner of India, Ranjan Mathai, CEO of Cholamandalam Finance, V Subbiah, and COO & Co-Founder of Zomato.com, Pankaj.
Prof Rajesh Chandy moderated the discussion..
It was a wonderfully stimulating discussion..the questions from the audience were thought-provoking..and Prof Chandy did a fine job of bringing it all together…
In my opening remarks (and then in response to a couple of questions), I spoke about ultra low-cost innovation, why India still remains relevant – …

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[12 Mar 2014 | 5 Comments | 133 views]

As many of you would know (and can guess!), one of my major ideological disconnects with AAP was (is) the whole issue of Corruption (incl. Lokpal).
I continue to believe that Lokpal (and variants) addresses only one part of the problem – that of “consequences”..
Unfortunately there is little talk of “incentives” – and the systemic flaws that make it possible to be “corrupt”.
In this brief (1-minute!) snippet, I mention four things that can go a long way in reducing corruption: 

Make systems more transparent
Make information open (accessible)
Reduce the (discretionary) powers (and role) …

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[2 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 256 views]
“Be perfectly resigned…”

“Be perfectly resigned, perfectly unconcerned; then alone can you do any true work.
No eyes can see the real forces; we can only see the results.
Put out self, forget it, just let GOD work, it is his business.”

From 51 Life Changing Quotes by Swami Vivekananda & Ramanna Maharishi.. (shared by my dear friend, Atul)..