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[13 Jun 2014 | One Comment | 146 views]
Why I don’t do facebook…

2 separate incidents last week forced this update..
I missed a message in my facebook inbox from a close friend – and ended up not being able to see him even though we had not met in years.  The second was an email from another friend asking why I do not post anything on facebook. A few of you have commented on my “conspicuous silence” on fb in the past. I felt it was time to clear the air.
In spite of my fascination for all things tech (and a masochist tendency to try …

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[21 Apr 2014 | No Comment | 118 views]

A recent interview that was carried over at the CRI website on my AAP experience. 

What were the key reasons that motivated you to join AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)?

The key reasons were my belief that they were different, that I could contribute and shape the thinking of the group in certain areas of policy and my belief that someone with my kind of background would be useful for the party.
I was also hopeful that by joining and engaging directly with the party, I could interest at least some AAP members in the ideas …

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[20 Apr 2014 | 4 Comments | 174 views]
On my “departure” from FTI etc..

Last year, within a few hours of my public declaration of joining AAP, I realised that I was “locked out” of all FTI-related forums and groups, including at least one group that was not exclusive to FTI members (“Rule of Law Front”).
The common thread in these groups was that they were being managed by ex-FTI colleague Sanjeev Sabhlok. I am not sure whether the decision to bar from me one/all groups was his or the entire group, but it was not until later that I realised this was the outcome …

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[15 Apr 2014 | One Comment | 29 views]
“Saluting our Heroes” is now on Google Play!

A few weeks back, one of the long-time readers of my blog, Akshar got in touch with an offer of help I could not refuse.. In his email, he wrote:
I can publish your books/presentations etc. on Android as offline apps. This will give it much wider reach and put it in the hands of not so internet savvy people as well.
The result of his hard work – which he very generously offered to do for no charge at all – is this Android app on the “Param Veers” of Bharat, …

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[6 Apr 2014 | No Comment | 18 views]

Dear All: Over the past few weeks, I have noticed an increasing number of comments that are:

posted on the wrong thread (pl use the “Search” box at the bottom of the page to find the appropriate thread or use the “Categories” drop down menu);
irrelevant (pl note that comments not relevant to the thread will be deleted straight-away);
abusive or crossing the line of public decency/ defamation (these too will be deleted without notice);
merely repeating what has been said by others before (likely to be deleted without notice unless a new perspective …

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[1 Apr 2014 | 8 Comments | 229 views]
Is this the end of my fb page?

Over the last few weeks, I began to notice an odd trend on my facebook page..
The “Total Reach” of my posts began to show a marked drop in numbers (see the first 2 images).
While I am aware that fb rarely manages to “show” my updates/posts to *all* the members of my page (see the 3rd image), the drop was puzzling…Late last week, it got worse. The “Total Reach” of the last few posts very clearly showed an alarming – and almost steady – decrease in numbers, from ~20% to less …

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[15 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 3 views]
From recent panel discussions @ LBS and LSE in London

Just back from an amazing afternoon at the India Business Forum where I was privileged to share a panel with High Commissioner of India, Ranjan Mathai, CEO of Cholamandalam Finance, V Subbiah, and COO & Co-Founder of Zomato.com, Pankaj.
Prof Rajesh Chandy moderated the discussion..
It was a wonderfully stimulating discussion..the questions from the audience were thought-provoking..and Prof Chandy did a fine job of bringing it all together…
In my opening remarks (and then in response to a couple of questions), I spoke about ultra low-cost innovation, why India still remains relevant – …

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[5 Feb 2014 | 7 Comments | 434 views]
AAP, Indore and ground-level “politics”..

Over the past few weeks, as I have struggled to be responsive and keep track of my commitments, several friends and well-wishers have asked me what exactly am I doing in Indore and how am I engaging with AAP.  This post is an attempt to explain what has kept me busy the last few weeks….I am also going to use this as a placeholder for your suggestions on what else should I be doing – bearing in mind my limited capacity, resources and other constraints (mainly time).
First, a few words …

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[18 Jan 2014 | 5 Comments | 447 views]
News-item in DB Star (Bhaskar) and my response..

The Indore edition of Bhaskar DB Star published a news-item on Pg2 this morning (18th Jan) which mentioned allegations of fraud in the matter of signatures that accompanied the AAP candidate nomination forms for Indore Lok Sabha. Below is my response to the allegations, along with a snapshot of the relevant extract:

Dear Madam/Sir: I would like to put on record my strong denial of a report published in today’s DB Star Bhaskar (Pg2), Indore edition regarding the nomination process of AAP Lok Sabha candidates.
I am surprised that the reporter(s) made …

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[28 Mar 2013 | 2 Comments | 353 views]
While I am away..

*** Updated on 15th Oct ’13 ***
Dear Friends, I will be (once again) on an intense work and travel schedule for the next several weeks. Blog posts are likely to be few and far between during this period. I expect to be more active on facebook and twitter though. Do join the ||Satyameva Jayate|| page on facebook if you have not already done so.

Your comments are likely to take a while to appear if they are in the moderation queue. I am unlikely to have time to respond to any of them. Below are …