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In which going after black money hurts India’s savings industry..

or something like that…

I don’t know how many of you read this bit of “news” today morning (emphasis added, throughout)…

We will Close Down All Illegal Mines in Goa: Parrikar

Proposed move could further impact the iron ore industry and drag down mining growth in the country

Read it again…India’s largest selling English newspaper would have us believe that attempts to “close down illegal mines in Goa” will hurt mining industry and “drag down mining growth in the country“. Wait there is more…

..A dip in its production due to the closures will hurt international contracts and has the potential to hurt allied industries like financing, transport and producers of earth-moving machinery

Funnily enough the miners themselves “welcomed Parrikar’s efforts to close down illegal minesAnd the Secretary of the Exporters Association is quoted as saying: “Illegality affects the operations of legal miners. It is absolutely a step in the right direction,”

For those who may not know or remember, Parrikar was the “head of a ministerial panel investigating the extent of illegal mining of iron ore, he had pointed at a loss of about . 3,000 crore to the state government due to unaccounted mineral exports and mining beyond lease permits. ..He had also pointed at a criminal nexus between mine owners and various authorities. The Public Advisory Committee had submitted the report to the previous Goa Assembly Speaker last October, but could not table it on the floor of the House due to refusal of members of the then ruling Congress party to sign on the report.”

Is this another shameless example of “paid media” or is this more the case of a poor reporter who has been bullied into a contradictory headline? You decide.  Going by Times of India’s logic,  the government should not make any attempts to unearth black money since it might hurt India’s savings industry, no?

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Spot the odd one…

These are the headlines that showed up in Google News after the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on the police lath-charge at Ramlila Maidan in June last year…Draw your own conclusion(s)…

  • Ramlila Maidan crackdown: SC pulls up Ramdev, Delhi Police – IBNLive.com
  • Midnight crackdown: SC raps Baba Ramdev, Delhi police – Hindustan Times
  • SC blames Ramdev, police for 2011 Ramlila Maidan crackdown – Daily News & Analysis
  • Baba Ramdev guilty of negligence: Supreme Court on Ramlila crackdown – NDTV
  • Ramdev, cops slammed by SC for Ramilila midnight mayhem- Expressindia.com
  • SC: Delhi cops abused power at Ramlila,Ramdev equally guilty- Indian Express
  • SC hauls up govt, Ramdev for Ramlila crackdown – India Today
  • SC pulls up Ramdev, police for negligence at Ramlila protest – Firstpost


Quick Quiz: Which is the odd one out?

Highly Recommended: Be Wary of Prime Time?, from which this excerpt:

Think about it. Which politician would you associate these words with? Youthful, charisma, hardworking, charming, friendly, hope, change?…

The man in question has done no wrong. He has submerged himself into the crowds, done a lot of hard work and even today is Indias best chance for a Prime Minister (they tell you), despite not having governed anything more than ones own dinner plate. No questions about merit, no questions about suitability, nothing is ever asked of him. I don’t even remember if he ever gave an interview to any TV channel. But that’s not required.

Watch those words above, those adjectives. The adjectives that neatly associate his name with “dripping goodness”. His images are plastered with a lot of Indias successes. Some TV channels put him up nicely when India won the world cup. Images of his are always where he waves to crowds, smiles. That way, they have, softly, subtly associated those successes in your mind with him.

…Let us see this once again. Which political party would you associate the word “Scam” with? Answer: All political parties. Yes, despite the fact the most corrupt government ever in the history of India is presently ruling us.

It has a clutch of its ministers in jail or just released with a few others under trial for various scams. And the party which heads the current government is the Congress. But it is highly unlikely that those words will ever be associated with the Congress. Hence, scams are always associated with UPA or “politicians” in general or to the sundry tails that wag the dog that is the UPA, but the goodness only belongs to Congress.

…That in a nutshell is priming, for  you.

N.B. This post was earlier published with the title: Offered without comment..

UPDATE: NDTV appears to have modified the headline – but the URL remains the same. See pic below (click for larger image).

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The Great Joke that is Indian Media – Part XVII

In which a “leading” media organisation drops all pretence of unbiased reporting…

Courtesy Jnsbmi, here is a ToI story (emphasis added). Notice the headline and the tweet in which it was mentioned:

Gujarat accounts for 6% of India’s dubious bank transactions

Nov 2, 2011, 12.46AM IST TNN [ Ankur Jain ]

Gujarat has generated the fourth highest number of reports relating to dubious banking transactions in the last four financial years, according to a govt report.

AHMEDABAD: There is something more than that meets the eye with financial transactions in the state. According to a recently released report buy union finance ministry’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Gujarat has generated the fourth highest number of reports relating to dubious banking transactions in the last four financial years in the country.
Out of the total 17,209 dubious transactions reported across India in four financial years from March 2006 to March 2010, Gujarat accounted for around 1,032 or 6 per cent of the country. However, the only silver lining is that the state is way behind Maharashtra, which leads the pack of such transactions with 29 per cent, Delhi with 12.1 per cent and West Bengal with 7.3 per cent.

Here is the tweet from ToI:

Guj accounts for 6% of India’s dubious bank transactions toi.in/rI_IFb

Bonus: This is from Mail Today and comes courtesy Sh Gopi Maliwal:

Stranded travellers not Modi’s relatives http://bit.ly/vwiXTn ! See headlines n text: TrashToday forever!

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In which some people are more “equal” than others

..or The Great Joke that is Indian Media – Part XVI !

Please have a look at the two images below…They refer to news-reports of certain politicians implicated in a crime. They are both from the same newspaper and are fairly recent (one from yesterday; another from a few months back). Notice anything strange?

Source: Missing woman: Rajasthan Minister is accused of her murder and rape

Source: CBI arrests Punjab BJP MLA for graft, names minister too

I would like to think that the curious omission of the name of the political party to which the Minister belonged is just an inadvertent oversight and not the result of some editorial diktat.

OR (perish the thought) are some people – and political parties – more equal than others?

P.S. How many of you noticed the “tags” on the 2 reports? Why should it matter? Think search engines!  In practical terms it means that a “search” with the tags “congress” and “minister” and “arrested” is unlikely to throw up the first link…

P.P.S. Another trivia: guess the party affiliation of the Chief Minister mentioned in this report: Former Sikkim CM Bhandari Jailed in Graft Case.   Astonishingly, just a  month before Bhandari’s arrest, the current Chief Minister of Sikkim had offered to name the government college in Sikkim after his name!

“Our government has been honour our former leaders and recognizing their contribution to Sikkim, we have been naming the government infrastructures after them. If former Chief Minister Nar Bahadur Bhandari gives his consent, we will name the government college at Gangtok after his name”, said the Chief Minister in his address during the 197th Bhanu Jayanti celebrations held at Kyongsa near Gyalshing.

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What do you make of this?

Courtesy Bhaskar Chatterjee, I stumbled on this “map” on a section of the the ToI website:

Might this be a strawman / trial balloon to see how a solution that makes the LoC as a permanent border is received by the public? or am I reading too much into this?

I remember the days when such a map in an Indian publication would have led to copies of the magazine/newspaper being confiscated and/or banned and the offending map censored. I also remember one of the first “official” letters I wrote in the IFS, soon after joining the Embassy of India many years ago. It was to protest against a similar map that was printed in the Japan Times (this was 1994). But I guess times have changed.

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