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[30 Mar 2011 | 23 Comments | 1,232 views]
Pathetic or Disgusting? You Decide..

Courtesy JKV, who captured this screenshot of NDTV.com. As he wrote on his facebook wall,
This is WTF Moment of the 30th of March, 2011 AD. Record it in history. Indian Cricket Team toiled for a well deserved victory and moments after the victory, NDTV home page, shows this. Can you imagine?!.

For those of you who may be curious, there are other, better(?) examples of this technique at work.
Somewhat Related: Of high-voltage jolts and spellbound cadres

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[14 Mar 2011 | 28 Comments | 4,551 views]
On scandalous information and “high-profile” people

..and why blocking of blogs is not the only thing you should be worrying about.
Most, if not all, of you must have read about the recent case against Rahul Gandhi involving a missing girl that was dismissed last week. What struck me was this last sentence from the report in The Hindu (emphasis added):
On the basis of her deposition, the court imposed a cost of Rs. 50 lakh on the petitioner and, taking suo motu cognisance of an effort to defame a high-profile person, ordered a CBI probe.
Suo-moto cognisance? I …

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[12 Feb 2011 | 26 Comments | 1,034 views]
On “swallow-and-vomit journalism”, 2G Scam, BJP, courtesy Arun Shourie

I usually avoid posting large sections of articles, interviews etc as “excerpts” but I am making an exception for this one…I stumbled on this interview of Sh Arun Shourie an hour ago – and am putting these excerpts up, given the nature of its contents…Please read on – and please share widely…All is not well, All is desperately not well… More on this when I have some time to gather my thoughts…In the meantime, I am grieving for the country.
*** Excerpts from Karan Thapar’s interview with Arun Shourie ***
Karan …

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[13 Jan 2011 | 17 Comments | 754 views]
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it is an “illegal religious structure”*

Some of you may remember this tweet from barbarindian yesterday in which he referred to this report by PTI on the demolition of an “illegal” religious structure:
..Police on Wednesday lobbed teargas shells and used force to disperse scores of people protesting the demolition of an “illegal” religious structure in south-east Delhi…“A number of people gathered at the area police station and marched towards the demolition spot. They were prevented from entering the spot. They broke the barricades and tried to enter the premises. We had to resort to lobbing teargas …

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[18 Nov 2010 | 16 Comments | 810 views]
Of high-voltage jolts and spellbound cadres – UPDATED

UPDATE: For those who missed the *real news*, here is the link (Hat Tip: JKV; For those who cannot open the site, here is a PDF version of that page http://scr.bi/dkQTaG, courtesy Srikanth)
..or the great joke that is Indian media – Part XV. Offered without comment, but with emphasis added…
Saumya A will never forget the surprise 27th birthday gift — a handshake with India’s most eligible bachelor Rahul Gandhi and a photograph of the two to flaunt the chance encounter.
The MP created a flutter by strolling into a well-known …

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[2 Oct 2010 | 28 Comments | 2,678 views]
Jain/Buddhist Temples destroyed to build Hindu Temples? – UPDATED

Dear All: This is a *lazy* post. As long-time readers of this blog know, a *lazy* post is one comprising entirely of comments and/or passing remarks. In this case, it comprises tweets. It was prompted by a tweet by Salil Tripathi that I stumbled on quite by chance yesterday. In his tweet, Salil wrote (emphasis mine throughout):
but many temples were destroyed to build temples, jain/buddhist temples destroyed to build hindu temples. Reopen all?
I responded by asking him:
Re. “..many..jain/buddhist temples destroyed to build hindu temples”, can you please name three? Thanks
He …

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[8 Sep 2010 | 77 Comments | 1,593 views]
Looting, Clashes, Sec 144, Flag March: The Curious Incident in Deganga

Most of you reading this may have never heard of Deganga before…It is a small town on the banks of Bidyadhari (Vidhyadhari) river in Barasat Lok Sabha constituency. Courtesy Wikipedia, I learnt that the river was a major navigation route in earlier times and had a major port along its banks from the Mauryan era.  However, history is not the reason I am writing this post about Deganga. Over the last two days, I got various emails on “looting and clashes between two communities” in this town which prompted me …

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[29 Aug 2010 | 32 Comments | 2,044 views]
Egregious Hindu Bashing or Genuine Mistake?

*** CAUTION: Not Suitable for Children and May Not be Suitable for Workplace Viewing ***
About 10 hours ago, late afternoon yesterday, Times of India published an article headlined, “Incest: Haryana’s shameful social heritage” by Sukhbir Siwach.

Most of you probably missed it…I did too…until I was alerted to it by centerofright. The article talked about disturbing incidents and reports of incest in Haryana and appeared to suggest that this practice was widespread in rural Haryana:
These are not isolated incidents: incest is reportedly a real part of life in rural Haryana
It …

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[24 Aug 2010 | 24 Comments | 907 views]
Empowered Women, Priyanka Gandhi and the new Indira

The day of coronation appears to be coming closer…The machinery seems to be working full-time to establish the dynasty in the “hearts and minds” of the people of India.
First you had the “celebrations” around the Prince’s coming of age. Last week we witnessed the pleasing face of the late patriarch beaming from hoardings, posters and advertisements in newspapers…Today, I was alerted to this painstakingly compiled photo album, courtesy NDTV that talks of (emphasis added):
“Priyanka’s aura…that definitely cannot be ignored

Wait there is more…
Her poise and elegance coupled with her settled attitude, …

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[23 Aug 2010 | 31 Comments | 973 views]
The Great Joke that is Indian Media – Part XIV

…or how some news is best left out of the main pages. Courtesy Ashok-ji,  my attention was drawn to this brief news-item about a Dutch missionary who was asked to leave Jammu & Kashmir within weeks  – just after his visa was renewed for four years. Read on:
A Dutch missionary of the Institute Mill Hill working in the Kashmir region of India has been asked by authorities to leave the country by the end of July.
His expulsion came as a surprise since the government had just renewed his visa until …