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[8 Nov 2012 | 6 Comments | 428 views]

Excerpts from a well-researched post by Shankara that appeared on CentreRight.in:
*** “The myth about Islamic contribution to India” – by Shankara ***
Is it ignorance or agenda that drives Indian history narrative? 
…Let us clear the air on the Islamic contributions to India and Hindu society at large. Lets look at some broad categories that can be used as a framework to measure them.
Universities and colleges
Before the advent of Islam on Indian soil, India has as many as 20 large universities some of them which were international in nature, some of the …

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[28 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 603 views]
Colonial Distortions & Correcting History: One Step at a Time

This excerpt comes from Anuraag Sanghi (2ndLook).. From a post titled, “1857: History and Propaganda“. It is shocking..and depressing how the discourse was deliberately perverted – and how we continue to remain ignorant to this day…Pl take a moment to subscribe to his blog if you have not already done so and pl share and help spread awareness…
*** Excerpts from 1857: History and Propaganda by 2ndLook ***
…A man who is much (wrongly) admired in India today – Max Mueller. For instance in Max Muller’s colonial propagandist history, when it comes to …

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[6 Mar 2012 | 11 Comments | 562 views]
Announcing ItihAs: Live Chat on Indian History 10th March, 8pm

Dear Friends: It is my great pleasure to announce the third online text chat this year – this time on “Itihaas”, covering aspects related to Indian history. As you know, the span of Indian history and its breadth is impossible to cover even in weeks, let alone the 2 hours we have on the chat..What we will discuss is therefore a selection of topics related to Indian History..

This will very likely be a 2-part chat. The topics that I intend to touch upon are:

An Overview of Indian History
Why Bother with …

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[1 Feb 2012 | 39 Comments | 1,959 views]
Impoverishment of India during British Raj

Dear All:  Below, excerpts from a remarkable report from 1908 titled, “Why is England in India at all?“. In this report, written more than a century ago, Jabez Sutherland examines the extent to which the British Raj impoverished India.. Please read and share widely. I doubt any of our current text-books mention this aspect of “history”.
*** Excerpts from “Why is England in India at all?” by Jabez T Sutherland ***
What causes this awful and growing impoverishment of the Indian people? Said John Bright, “If a country be found possessing a most …

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[13 Jan 2012 | 32 Comments | 700 views]
A Restorative Historical Account of Victorian Holocausts..

Dear All: It is my pleasure to publish this guest post by Amitabh Soni on “A restorative Historical Account of Victorian Holocausts“…and how these Holocausts though bigger than Hitler’s Holocaust were kept a secret by the holier than thou British establishment. Read on…
*** A restorative Historical Account of Victorian Holocausts by Amitabh Soni ***
Over the past few months I have been reading horrid accounts of British Imperialism in India.  I think, the greatest achievement of British Imperialism, was to tone down the “dislike” of the Indians towards them to such drastic …

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[4 Jan 2012 | One Comment | 801 views]
Of Hopi women, Maga Brahmins & the Migration of Sun Worshipers

Dear All: Some of you may remember two posts I published earlier this year on possible links between the ancient culture in India and the civilisations in Latin America and Egypt. Several weeks ago, I stumbled on this remarkable post by Jayasree on links between the Saraswati-Sindhu civlisation and the cultures of South West Americas. Jayasree has drawn on a vast amount of (admittedly circumstantial) evidence to suggest the case for linkages and contacts between these 2 ancient cultures…Below are some excerpts that you will find fascinating..Read on.
*** Excerpts from …

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[13 Nov 2011 | 4 Comments | 948 views]
Remembering MahaRaja Ranjit Singh

Today is the 231st birth anniversary of Ranjit Singh, first MahaRaja of the Sikh Empire in north India. He was born on 13th November in 1780 at Gujranwala (now in Pakistan) and had his first taste of battle when he was barely ten! At the time of his birth, much of the land in the region of five rivers was split amongst various Sikh confederates (misl). There was no central authority, no dominant misl and little coordination amongst the various confederates.  By the time he was in his late teens,  the foundations …

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[20 Oct 2011 | 16 Comments | 1,348 views]
Max Mueller & Correcting History: One Step at a Time

I read this interview of Dr Prodosh Aich a few months back but did not post it as I wanted to get my hands on his book. “Lies on Long Legs” is a painstakingly researched book that goes back to primary sources in an effort to find out more about the “History” of India – as we know about it today. Who were these people who “authored” this “history”? What was the basis of their interpretations? What were their intentions? What was their training? What were the factors that might …

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[7 Oct 2011 | 14 Comments | 1,618 views]
Krishna and Rath Yatra in Ancient Egypt?

Dear All: It is my pleasure to publish this remarkable essay by Bibhu on the Krishna worship, the Rath Yatra festival and the Gods of ancient Egypt. Please do read and share (emphasis added)…
*** Krishna worhsip and Rathayatra festival in Ancient Egypt? by Bibhu Dev Misra ***
An interesting piece of information caught my attention during my journey across the sacred sites of Egypt during early 2010. During the light and sound show in the magnificent temple complex of Karnak, I heard a voice booming over the loudspeakers: “I am Amon-Ra…The …

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[2 Sep 2011 | 24 Comments | 1,203 views]
Of great Mughals and a Maratha chieftain

In Part I, we read how the history taught to young minds has been deliberately twisted and distorted -presumably in the interest of maintaining peace and harmony. Continuing in the same vein, today a look at the Mughals – “descendants of two great lineages of rulers” and a “chieftain“ who established an empire that effectively de-throned the Mughals and rivaled the Mughals at its peak.
The “chieftain” is a reference to Chhatrapati Shivaji MahaRaj. My simple dictionary tells me that a “chieftain” is usually a leader of a group, clan or tribe. …