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While I am away..

*** Updated on 15th Oct ’13 ***

Dear Friends, I will be (once again) on an intense work and travel schedule for the next several weeks. Blog posts are likely to be few and far between during this period. I expect to be more active on facebook and twitter though. Do join the ||Satyameva Jayate|| page on facebook if you have not already done so.

Your comments are likely to take a while to appear if they are in the moderation queue. I am unlikely to have time to respond to any of them. Below are a few subscription options if you still prefer updates via email:

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  1. To all those who think India is progressing and progressing fast, the following article might be an eye-opener.

    40 Years of Innovation in India.

    Comment by Prakash | April 2, 2013

  2. @ Prakash: Excellent article. I recommend it as a must read to every ambitious Engineer of India.

    Comment by AAryan | April 17, 2013

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