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Launching “Sone ki Chidiya”!

Close “non-political” friends who know me have been wondering whats keeping me busy since the last few weeks..I guess it is time to lift the lid! For the past many days, I have been working hard with some FTI colleagues and fellow activists on a concept called, Sone Ki Chidiya”! 

What is ““Sone Ki Chidiya”?

It is a fledgling idea to reform Indian politics, the governance and systems we have. It may eventually evolve into a political reform movement but at the very least it will serve as an anchor to many ideas that have been on our minds for the last several years. The effort is nascent and needs your views and support.

Think about this a hub, a platform to exchange ideas about India’s future and offering the opportunity to shape the course of the country for the years to come. We don’t claim we have all the answers. But we know that collectively all of us have within ourselves to make this century, India’s century..

There is one important thing that I wish to highlight about this movement. This is NOT an anti-something movement. In fact, it is emphatically not anti-anything..Instead, we have a positive goal. A goal which we believe captures the aspirations of one of the youngest nations on earth – a goal worth striving for, a dream worth the sacrifices. The dream is to make India strong and prosperous and ensure its citizens freedom, liberty, prosperity, rule of law and some of the best governance systems anywhere in the world.

The dream that India can once again be “Sone ki Chidiya“!  What would this dream translate into? 

Sone Ki Chidiya

 India’s Total Reform Movement

We wish to see an India we can be proud of. An India where.. 

  1. ..there is security for everyone and quick justice
  2. ..corruption or malfeasance is quickly identified and punished
  3. ..your savings are not constantly devalued by inflation
  4. ..the government does not put obstacles in the way of satrting an enterprise or running  a business
  5. ..basic education does not remain a privilege
  6. ..each citizen is guaranteed access to basic healthcare
  7. ..poverty and hunger are things of past
  8. ..taxes are low
  9. ..world-class infrastructure ensures quality of life and dramatically improves productivity
  10. ..the best and the brightest strive for public office and public service
  11. ..government’s role and interference in our day-to-day lives & activities is minimised
  12. ..no social group is left behind

The idea is still in its embryonic stage but we now have a website, a google group and the pieces are beginning to fall in place. As a group, we are currently considering the following “key” activities. These are open to further debate and discussion. Your participation is not only welcome but actively solicited.  

What are these activities?

  • Grassroots reform movement (hoping to kick off with a Reform Summit in April 2013remember Hope Summit?!).
  • Reform Bills for Parliament, including electoral reforms bill, judicial and administrative reforms etc
  • A mechanism/platform to offer help, advice & suggestions to citizens as well as mobilise them
  • Broad-based policy reforms and finally
  • A project to rank “Governance” in states across India

Time to roll our sleeves up! But none of this can work without your active support, encouragement and contribution..So please do think how you can get involved…Pl ask questions and suggest other ideas..Join the discussions over at Google groups..and Stay tuned for more in the days to come..Together, we will win! Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

Related Post: Fixing the “system” – getting down to the nuts and bolts – one of the earliest “steps” in “Reclaiming India”! And an early discussion of some of these ideas..

P.S. Pl note I am travelling intensively over the next few days so there may be some delay in responding to and/or moderating your comments.. Thanks for your patience and support, as always.

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  1. The logo design is very good sir. Please keep up the good work. Hope i will be able to contribute on both the web site and the activities you mentioned.

    Comment by Sunil | February 12, 2013

  2. Great! WE WILL DO IT …….. together.

    Comment by Dipinder Sekhon | February 13, 2013

  3. Thanks Sunil..We will look forward to your participation!

    Dipinder: Thanks!

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 13, 2013

  4. Reproducing below an email comment received from Nilesh which raised a very valid point – and my response to it.

    Comment by Nilesh
    Very good Shantanu…I have been following your blogs, activities and enthusiasm…I really admire it…

    But similar activities are planned and carried out by Aam Aadmi Party…They also want to reform the core political systems of the country…Don’t you think you should collaborate with them? It will bring synergies instead of dividing intellectual resources for this challenging project?

    Best wishes,

    My response
    Nilesh: Thanks for the email – and for raising a very good and valid point. Let me address by saying clearly what may not have been apparent in my post.
    We have *not* started this as a counter to IAC or AAP..nor are we criticising – or trying to beliitle the excellent work done by AAP and before that IAC in raising public consciousness on the issue of corruption, right to recall and so on.
    We continue to admire the work they are doing although few ideological differences remain. That said, the creation of AAP is a very positive development in India politics. I have publicly welcomes their foray in electoral politics and we are in close touch with them. In fact I am hoping to meet Arvind and key members of AAP this weekend.
    So yes, we will collaborate – and we will certainly strive for “synergies instead of dividing intellectual resources” – as you put it so well.
    Hope this clarifies.
    and do you mind if I post your comment on the blog – since a similar question/doubt may be in the minds of others too? I can anonymise your comment or use only your first name etc if you wish. Just please let me know. Many thanks.

    Comment by B Shantanu | February 13, 2013

  5. Nice to know about the intiative. You may use some of the ideas suggested in my following blogs:


    Wishing all success in your mission

    Comment by Nagarajan | February 23, 2013

  6. Shantunu Ji,

    Nice to hear about the initiative. I have been informed about his by one good friend of mine Mr. Ravikant Pathank. He didn’t mentioned about u but since we are on the same line of thought for the same.

    Keep sharing the info. Let me know if you required any help from this need.

    Jai Hind ! Vande Materam !!

    Comment by Harsh | April 25, 2013

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