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A letter from Dr N K Kalia, proud father of Capt Saurabh Kalia

Dear friends, some of you will remember the conversation I had a few days back with the proud parents of Captain Saurabh Kalia, Kargil’s first war hero – who has been all but forgotten by the “official” media and the government machinery. I sent an email to Dr Kalia after the call requesting details of his efforts to get justice and offering whatever little help I can..In response, I received this very moving email written by him. I sought his permission to reproduce it on the blog. He kindly agreed…The email is touching & very inspiring. I wish it is read and shared by a large number of people – especially youngsters – who may not be aware of the sad history of this case. Without further ado (emphasis added)…

*** Email from Dr N K Kalia, proud father of Capt Saurabh Kalia ***

Dear Shantanu Ji, Heartiest aashirvaad. Many grateful thanks for your phone-call & mail.

I often state that losing one Saurabh, though physically only, we got thousands Saurabhs all over the globe. They never let us feel alone even for a moment. The love, respect, honour showered on us by in-numerable persons in last over twelve years is overwhelming. You too are our Saurabh. Over 1.55 lac emails and more than 42,000 hand written letters apart from countless persons visiting or calling from India or abroad vouch for that. Certainly, we would have to take more births to repay all that.

Our sufferings and pains can never exceed to what brutal torture those six valiant sons of Mother India faced for over 3 weeks with Pak army. We get infinite inspiration and strength when we think so. In fact, Saurabh & his men made every Indian proud.

Sacrificing for the Nation is not a new phenomenon. Over thousands of years, to safeguard our motherland & culture, honour of our mothers, sisters & daughters, sacrifices have been made. If we all hesitate to send our sons in army, who would defend theirs honour. But what happened to these valiant soldiers is totally unacceptable. Personally, I feel it is not the question of Saurabh or his men but the dignity of our all men in armed forces, rather a National issue and this mine crusade would continue till I am alive. It is more shameful and frustrating when men in power promising me to take up this issue with Pak and also at international forums. Unfortunately, these were tall promises. Regretfully, I am fighting the callousness of our own system.

RTIs from Govt. did not fetch any concrete response. And Armed Forces Tribunal recommended GOI for taking up this issue.  I shall be mailing those in a separate mail. In London, a human rights activist is taking up this case with UN with her own resources. I shall be intimating you her details separately.

With the attitude of the Govts., past or present, with their appeasing policy towards Pakistan, I am afraid I would achieve anything but this humble endeavour would atleast stir the conscience of common Indian and sensitize them. Sadly our Netas are more Internationalists than Nationalists. We have lost the very sense of National Pride, so common in several other Nations.

You please do read the article http://specials.rediff.com/news/2004/jun/07kalia.htm

Kindly visit us whenever convenient to you.  Yours affectionately, N K Kalia


Please do share the sad story of Dr Kalia’s fight for justice with your friends…and please let me know if you can help in any way in this matter..I have already heard from a few of you and shall email you separately. Thanks

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  1. Shantanu

    This situation might not have arisen had there been specific laws in India that REQUIRED certain mandatory actions where instances of torture or violation of international law come to notice of any armed services officer.

    I’m not familiar with the laws that operate specifically for the Indian armed forces (there are three separate acts that apply to them) but I’d suggest that once you find some time, please consider investigating these laws – I have a feeling these laws need to be amended.

    I suspect these laws continue in India today almost exactly in the same form and shape designed by the erstwhile British rulers of India. I’d be very surprised if any serious thought has been given to these acts after independence. It is not customary for Indians to think at the systematic level.

    I’ll also raise on FTI – for we have at least two ex-armed force personnel on FTI, and they would be able to throw more light on the systematic reform that is needed of these armed force laws.


    Comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok | September 25, 2011

  2. sir,
    i m just a student but i think if he the legend can die for the country at the age of 22 then why cant i die for the justice to the legend of the same country at the age of 18. plz plz plz let me know what can i do at my level i can dedicate my whole life to get justice for u, for me, for the legendary soul and for the contry.

    Comment by siddharth lamba | July 11, 2012

  3. Dear Kalia Uncle : I still cannot forget my childhood memories with Saurabh.I use to play with him when he was a baby.I am proud to be a neighbour of Saurabh in Palampur.

    My prayers are always with Saurabh and his parents

    Sayed Tanvir Feroz
    S/o Dr SF Hameed

    Comment by SAYED TANVIR | July 29, 2012

  4. I write this mail assuming that it is being read & conveyed to Mr. Kalia, the father of my hero.

    I just read and came to know of this cruel act of the Pakistani people & feel am once again disturbed by Pak army’s inhumane act. My sincere empathies are with Mr. Kalia and his family. Infact, since he identifies Saurabh in each one of us, its now my family & he’s my father. I share the agony of his heart.

    I am a lay & ignorant being as far as politics & army rules are concerned, but what moves me in this case is the fact that I am a Human being. I dont even wish to shoot for Saurabh da’s soul resting into peace, for I know that these sacred souls, however simple physical frame they assume, are already at peace & I believe they come on this planet for a deep purpose, which Saurabh da has already fulfilled, that of igniting the lethargic minds, law & humans against injustice. His justice, is when each one of us shall not let another Saurabh go like this. But I am equally concerned about the justice for his parents, which is the punishment of the culprits with due diligence. I offer my full support from my heart but as my parents, I also would love to tell them that bythetime they get justice, which I think they surely will, they should not loose themselves into the pangs of sorrow & grief, for if I were Saurabh, I would’nt like to see my parents mourning for so long after my demise. Rather, do all the things that Saurabh liked, feeling his spiritual presence within, just as Gods’s! Thats a solace for them, as well as to my Saurabh da. Justice shall be granted, no one can snatch it from them, but what about this beautiful life untill then? It cant be lost greiving over the past, right? So Mom dad, please be happy always. Saurabh da gave his life for mother nation but his other mother is you, his parents, whose welfare is now my concern. So please do not loose heart & stay connected to the God self strength within. That will lead you to what you want & what you deserve.

    With all my love,
    Sudarshan Nasery,
    Pune – 18

    Comment by Sudarshan Nasery | July 31, 2012

  5. Dear Sir,

    First of all i would like to salute to great parents of Saurabh Kalia for giving our nation a hero like Saurabh Kalia. As you know loosing Saurabh Kalia and his men in war is not only your loss but it is unfullfilled loss for whole nation and waiting for justice for over decade is definitely immoderate frustration. Whether we say or not but we all youngster gets tremendous motivation from all Shaheed like Saurabh Kalia and i am sure that you must be very proud for that.

    I am 30 year old IT professional working in USA and i would be feeling very proud to get any opportunity to help you.

    My hearty tribute to Saurabh Kalia and all Shaheed of our beloved nation.

    Jai Jawan,

    Comment by Kashyap | November 28, 2012

  6. The ill treatment meted out to late Capt Saurabh Kalia and other valiant soldiers was not an isolated case of atrocities on POW by Pakistan. Probably what did not come to light was the condition in which Late Sqn Ldr A Ahuja’s body was received. Though the Pakistan media said otherwise [http://www.defence.pk/forums/military-photos-multimedia/516-pictures-kargil-air-war.html], he too was brutally tortured and murdered!

    It is a shame that GoI is afraid of taking Pakistan to the International Court of Justice, playing it safe when it should be sagacious.

    Comment by SS | November 29, 2012

  7. Respected Author/Dr. NK Kalia

    I am a student of class XI and have been inspired by Shaheed Kalia’s story ever since I grew up.
    Yesterday I heard about the struggle of Dr. NK Kalia on a news channel and immediately I tried to E-mail the PM of India, voicing my support and anger.
    Since the e-mail wasn’t submitting, I wrote a letter and am currently getting signatures on it from my school friends, teachers and family friends. Alot of people are supporting this cause, and we hope that this letter and petetion reaches the PM.
    I feel blessed to have helped, (even if very little) the respected Martyr’s family and maybe also the Shaheed Captain himself

    Love,Hope and Respect,

    Comment by Chandni | November 29, 2012

  8. Dear Shri kalia,
    I am proud of Saurabh and his patrol team for the immense sacrifice they have made for the country and at the same time salute you as a father of the brave son.He shall always be with us.
    Once again I salute you for the endevour you have undertaken and just remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    Comment by Dr Dilip Kolekar | November 29, 2012

  9. I think if we petition to the PM ,the Govt. will take notice. However the numbers will have to be huge and I do not know what will be considered as ‘significant ‘by those in power. therefore let us just keep spreading this message and swell the numbers of petitions.

    Comment by pravir sharma | November 30, 2012

  10. Dear Proud Father of Shaheed CAPT. SAURABH KALIA,
    We are with u in your struggle for the justice for the valiant heroes of Mother India. We salute the proud parents of these heroes especially their moms. Sir, we, husband and wife are in teaching departments. Please tell us what can we do at our level. All of our students, colleagues and every true Indian will feel proud to be one with u. Our son is only three and a half years old and we are ready to sacrifice him also in your struggle. Never feel that u r alone. We are always with u.

    Comment by GAYATRI SHARMA, PARVEEN SHARMA | December 20, 2012

  11. Dr Kalia ….
    I feel deep concern hearing your revelation, got me feel concern of my country’s saviors. Realizing the fact that do any-one need to be respected as a human? If the war is of barbarian /cannibals then the Pakistan needs to be wiped-out immediately from the earth. OR the UNO should teach them War-Norms.
    -Jayendra Ashara

    Comment by Jayendra Ashara | January 6, 2013

  12. Each passing day makes me more shameful to be called Indian.

    Why have we lost our conscience? Particularly, Politicians?

    Isn’t it the first duty of any Govt. to safeguard their soldiers? If that couldn’t be done, why govt. do not ask for clarifications for such a barbaric and cowardice act of Pakistan?

    Comment by Narendra | January 6, 2013

  13. Dear N K Kalia Sir,

    I have read about Saurabh quite a few times and each time it brings tears to my eyes. He was a brave man and did his duty, something a lot of people in India failed to do. Its people like Saurabh who keep this country going.

    While the Govt of this democratic republic fails to see your pain, the common man does. I live in the UK and would like assist in way possible in your pursuit.


    Comment by Deepank | January 7, 2013

  14. Dear Proud Father,
    On 26, Jan. 2013,me and my husband celebrated our Republic day in our locality, with a small program with 18-19 children and around 200 audience . The children presented their performances on patriotic songs, poems, etc. A fancy dress competition was shown in the last and in fancy dress competition when boys dressed in SHAHEED SAURABH KALIA and SHAHEED VIKRAM BATRA came on the stage and their Shahadat was told to the audience, the audience became spellbound. Every eye started sheding tears.


    Comment by GAYATRI AND PARVEEN SHARMA | January 28, 2013

  15. Truely inspirational indian

    Comment by Jay | July 23, 2013

  16. Hello author/ Dr. Kalia,
    Kisi bhi purvabhumika k bina main ek baat kehna Chahata Hun. I was 18 years old when saurabh was killed by napakistan. I read news, Maine news padhe, gussa aya, dukh hua, saurabh pe proud bhai feel hua, fir India ka cricket match aya, meri exams aayi aur main so cold proud indian apni duniya main aage Nikal Gaya. Aaj 14 Saal bad ek incident hua…..
    Hum family k saath aaj ghumne Gaye they. Main car ki driving seat pe Betha tha, car khadi thi, mere uncle ni piche ka darvaza kola, jaane kaha se uncle ne darvaza bandh kiya aur mera hath Darvaze aur car ki body main aa Gaya, I screamed. Uncle ne darvaza kohl Diya par meri 3 ungliya buri Tarah se tut gai. Chakkar aa rahe they. Pain sahen nahi ho pa raha tha, family aur wife kaise bhi karke mera dard dur karna chahte they, wo dekh nahi pa rahe the, na jaane kaha se tab aap ki aur saurabh ki yaad aa Gayi. Meri sirf 3 ungli tuti thi. Aur pain main ya meri family bear nahi kar pa rahe they. Saurabh aur aap k dard ki sharuat waha se hoti hai jaha hum logo ki sahenshakti ki seema khatm hoti hai.
    Main kalia sir ka email address dhundh raha tha aur ye Sab se Najdik ka contact Mila. Agar possible hai to koi please kalia sir ka email address dijiye. Main unko sorry bolna Chahata Hun. Agar Maine aur mere Jaise logo ne Pehle se is case ko ehmiyat di hoti to aaj result aa chuka hota. Please muju unka address dijiye, main meri choti si team k sath unka sath dena Chahata Hun. Ye main tuti ungli se likh raha Hun, shayad thodasa un logo ka dard samaj shaku. Typological errors k liye please maaf kijiyega. Kalia sir, hum jaldi mil rahe hai.
    Jaldip upadhyay
    Nationality : saurabh

    Comment by Jaldip upadhyay | August 25, 2013

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