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Kargil’s first hero & a truly humbling experience..

Just spoke to the brave parents of Captain Saurabh Kalia, Kargil’s first war hero…It was a truly moving and humbling experience..

As many of you would know,

On May 15, Lt Kalia along with five jawans – Sepoys Arjun Ram, Bhanwar Lal Bagaria, Bhika Ram, Moola Ram and Naresh Singh – had gone for a routine patrol of the Bajrang Post in the Kaksar sector when their patrol was captured by the enemy.

They were in their captivity for over twenty-two days and subjected to unprecedented brutal torture as evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999. The postmortem revealed that the Pakistan army had indulged in the most heinous acts; of burning their bodies with cigarettes, piercing ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of the teeth and bones, chopping off various limbs and private organs of these soldiers besides inflicting all sorts of physical and mental tortures before shooting them dead, as evidenced by the bullet wound to the temple [link]

Numerous letters by Capt Kalia’s father and others have failed to move the government to pursue the matter in international fora and declare his treatment as a war crime. In disgust, Dr N K Kalia has been forced to say:

I am ashamed of being an Indian. The country has spineless leaders

I am awaiting further details from Dr Kalia about what can be done by all of us who feel strongly about this…In the meantime, please take a moment to remember him and other who never came back..and please take a moment to sign this appeal.

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  1. Its very unfortunate that the supreme sacrifice of our heroes goes largely unnoticed. We just remember them annually. The torture on Captain Saurabh Kalia and our silence on the episode speaks volumes about us Indians.
    Indian Armed Forces are perennially in short supply of officers for this very reason. Everyone of us feels proud to hold the tricolour but few people would like to take up the entrance exam for NDA/CDS.
    The GOI is doing its bit by inviting the youth but it must wake up and honour the fallen heroes to instill a sense of pride in joining the armed forces.

    Comment by Alok | August 21, 2011

  2. It’s true and proven that we never have had a single leader worth his /her name at helms since independence which evokes pride and respect because of his/her contribution to further the interest of the country, Lal Bahadur Shastri could be the only exception. All of them either further their own interest or their family’s.

    It is really unfortunate for the country that no honest and the best from our society plans to make his/her career in politics because old adage still holds true …”Politics is the last resort of scoundrels”. Hence how could we expect anything better from this rotten lot.

    Comment by PRADIP KUMAR SINHA | August 22, 2011

  3. i have read about the efforts of Shri Kalia some 5-7 years back. He sounded hopeful then. his exasperation now shows the decline of leadership in our country. As Shri Kalia mentioned, spineless is the word. I wonder why the BJP govt and Cong governments could not make a statement on this and explian this to the country… well, that’s surely too much to ask. When Kasab’s eating habits are carried in MSM newspapers,an issue of honor and injustice is not written about. What a shame!

    Comment by 2bornot2b | August 22, 2011

  4. Apathy of Indian elite at this terrible episode of HR violation of Indian Army personal is shameful, however I am not surprised. Since independence none of our PMs or presidents served in the armed forces. This is from a country which faced overt and covert war. Our DDM are busy feeding us with endless Bollywood and Cricket that people of this nation have completely lost perspective of what keeps us safe.

    So, I say bring in the draft or better still give preference to those who served honorably in the Forces preference in plum posts.Instead of giving these posts to IAS wallas or questionable NGOs. Then, perhaps we will see some change in the attitude of establishment.

    Comment by Malavika | August 22, 2011

  5. Alok, Pradip, 2bornot2b, Malavika: Thank you for your comments..I am in touch with Dr Kalia..Pl await further details over the next few weeks…Pl do share this and help spread awareness about this case. Thanks

    Comment by B Shantanu | August 25, 2011

  6. Since our Independence we have been frittering away our resources in protecting and pampering our so called political thugs who are eloquent in making promises but hardly ever deliver.

    Now second worst thing that has happened in this country is that media in connivance with some MNC companies have forced people to accept CRICKET as most sublime religion. Commoners being what they are, have fallen prey to this ploy which has turned them completely apathetic to real issues.

    Now no one reads books on Vivekananda, Subhas or Gandhi to draw inspiration now it is replaced by aping western culture only on superficial level which has given rise to consumerism, nuclear family and a floating life style devoid of social values. Only self aggrandizement is the only goal. Today’s education is not meant for seeking knowledge per se but to create un-satiated hunger for money making.

    Where is time for thinking about the country and our dedicated, selfless soldiers who are sacrificing their lives at altar of their beloved mother land. It makes us feel sorry.

    A new “JAGARAN” is the need of the hour for which no leader is required. A few self driven, honest and committed people with vision can always make a difference.


    Comment by PRADIP KUMAR SINHA | August 26, 2011

  7. I just signed the petition, Shantanu. Thank you for getting this to public domain.

    If I can help in any other manner on this issue, pls let me know.


    Comment by Patriot | August 26, 2011

  8. Signed!

    Comment by Ashish | August 29, 2011

  9. The torture and murder of Captain Saurabh Kalia and his fellow
    officers is heinous crime. Those responsible have to be depraved psychopaths to have committed these crimes.

    Why has the Government of India not lodged formal complaints at the International Criminal Court? – These murders are crimes agianst humanity and are war crimes. They are in absolute breach of the Geneva and Vienna Conventions. Those responsible should be identified and tried at the Hague.

    Why is it that the Western Governments are quick to refer such acts of atrocities to the Hague and India has done next to nothing in the last 11 years to punish those responsible for torturing and murdering these Indian Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for India?

    The Europeans are currently prosecuting those responsible for war crimes in Serbia committed during the 1990s.

    Captain Saurabh Kalia’s case and the cases of his fellow soldiers has been reported to the UN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. However, I urge those who care to do likewise. However it appears that these international human rights orgainisations need to hear from more people before it takes concerted action. Please contact them by e-mails/letters/fax and copy your correspondence to your Members of Parliament and senior politicians. This is the least we can do to honour our soldiers.

    Comment by Jas | August 29, 2011

  10. Unfortunately the bestial tradition of mutilating bodies continues.


    “Some reports claim that infiltrators caught hold of two soldiers of the Kumaon Regiment, beheaded them and took away their heads as war trophies before badly mutilating the bodies.

    Army says the bodies were mutilated in a fierce gunfight in Farkian Gali sector of Kupwara on July 30.

    Defence spokesman claims that four infiltrators were also shot down while they tried to escape into Pakistan; their bodies were spotted on the other side of the LoC but they could not be retrieved by the Army.

    Dwarahat MLA Pushpesh Tripathi, who was present during the cremation, told The Pioneer that the ‘body’ which was brought in the casket did not even have limbs.”

    Comment by Malavika | August 30, 2011

  11. To: Malavika,

    The news report link your refer to above (30/08/2011), appears to be inaccessible. Could you please forward details of these atrocities by e-mail to me at: support@freesarabjitsingh.com or forward them to Shantanu at the following e-mail address:jai.dharma@gmail.com

    These henious criminal acts need to be highlighted in the West.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Jas | September 6, 2011

  12. such a real hero in india…

    Comment by Anonymous | September 8, 2011

  13. I am proud of my mother BHARAT.So, every patriotic is spelling out “JAI BHARAT MATA”. But sentinels like Captain Saurabh Kalia and his fellow were true patriotic(s) who scarified their lives and also those who are still serving the nation sincerely without corruption I honestly salute them! But, knowing the situation of our ‘Non-sense’ politicians mocking as true servant of most our beloved nation having glorious historical background I condemned them being good servant and citizen of this country. Let us get together to punish these type of politicians who were not daring sentinels/soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the cause of our mother land.
    Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwahati, Assam

    Comment by Dr. K.K. Bonia | February 21, 2012

  14. Could anyone tell what’s the progress of petition made by Dr NK Kalia?

    Comment by swapnil bansal | February 28, 2012

  15. Dear Shantanu,

    I would like to express my frustration with the lack of a response from the Indian Government officials in relation to the case of Mr Bhavesh Kantilal Parmar, an Indian national who is unlawfully detained in Kot Lakphat Prison in Lahore Pakistan:


    Mr Parmar and other Indian prisoners unlawfully detained in Pakistan have been denied their constitutional right to be protected as Indian citizens. These prisoners have been denied Consular support and legal advice.

    Mr Parmar has been in Kot Lakphat Prison without any charge or conviction since 2005 and continuing.

    I know of no other civilised country who would allow its citizens to be abandoned in this way.

    Comment by Jas Uppal | July 19, 2012

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