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Worrying about Anna..and some counter-intuitive stuff…

As Anna’s fast unto death enters its third day (and makes it “pawar” felt), I begin to get a bit uneasy about a few things… I am somewhat disappointed and puzzled to read Anna say, that his agitation was non-political.

I am not sure this is the case Anna. It is very “political” – with a capital P. As my friend and FTI colleague Sanjeev mentioned on his blog,

…we focus too much on corruption but that is like a doctor focusing too much on the fever and not on killing the underlying malarial parasite…the solution must start with a change in electoral laws

As Sandeep mentioned (emphasis added)

Lokpal bill adds another layer to our multilayered babudom. Putting men of character in politics is the solution not passing stupid bills

And I agree with Sujeet who noted:

IMHO, if you think we can reform politics/systems without politicians’ will and support, then we’re deluding ourselves.

But I think the “last word” on this comes from Radha Rajan-ji:

Corruption IS a political issue and must be politicised and must involve political parties. Our political parties must be involved, (as must be) our parliament.

Please do not misunderstand me. I have huge respect and admiration for what Anna is doing. I salute his courage and I support his movement against corruption – but I am not sure we are fighting the right battle here

Do you think so too?

Views, thoughts and criticism welcome. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat! – Shantanu

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  1. From a brilliant post by Nitin Pai:

    This episode should remind us, once again, that there are no short cuts or miracle cures to fighting corruption. The populist demand for the Lok Pal comes with a thinly disguised contempt for constitutional processes and legal niceties. Attractive as it may appear to the outraged, once you destroy the latter, you lose the basis to distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate, but with powerful inquisitors at large. It is a far better idea for us to insist that watchdogs and prosectors match their zeal with competence, humility and meticulous attention to legal processes.

    Comment by B Shantanu | March 10, 2012

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