|| Satyameva Jayate ||

Dedicated to “Bharat” and “Dharma”

YadA YadA hi Dharmasya…

On this auspicious day of “ashtami“, recall one of the most well-known verses from the Bhagawad-Geet – in the melodious voice of the late Mahendra Kapoor

यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत, अभ्युथानम् अधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् |

परित्राणाय साधुनाम विनाशाय च: दुष्कृताम, धर्मं संस्थापनार्थाय सम्भावामी युगे युगे ||

Approximate translation:

Whenever there is decline of Dharma (righteousness)..and rise of Adharma (unrighteousness);

To protect the virtuous..to destroy the wicked and to re-establish Dharma,

I manifest myself, through the ages.

Viraat Swarup

|| Shubh Shri Krishna JanmAshtami ||



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A Search for the Historical Krishna

September 2nd, 2010 Posted by | Hindu Festivals | 6 comments


  1. Dharma decline has to do with neglect of the present — because Karma can only be performed in the present. When nationalist become obsessed with history debates and wake up every morning feeling compelled to take up some quarrel or the other.

    Comment by Inferno | September 2, 2010

  2. Love this post! Thanks.

    Happy Janamashtami!


    Comment by Jai Joshi | September 2, 2010

  3. Thanks for the link, Shantanu.

    Comment by Sid | September 2, 2010

  4. Adding something..

    I have read this statement ” Paap se ghruna karo , Paapi se nahin” Geeta Saar.

    Now in current circumstances. The Jan Lokpal is all about hating CORRUPT (Paapi) rather than Corruption ( Paap)

    If Paap (Corruption) is to be hated , the methods are all together different .

    your post ..Which is hitting the root cause of corruption.. http://satyameva-jayate.org/2011/08/19/serious-about-corruption/

    and my graphic for that.

    Also Sri krishna motivated Arjuna to fight for change of government .Not sitting on dharna for change. Now A days it is possible with elections , But Anna team is discouraging people to fight (elections).


    Comment by Vijay Mohan | August 22, 2011

  5. Shubh Krishna Janamashtami

    Sri Krishna was not able to motivate Arjuna enough in the early stages,wheb the rot that was taking place. Also there was no goverment as such, it was rule by the king, mainly based on heredity- perhaps that’s where the nepotism arises from.
    Nothing wrong with sitting on a dharna to raise awareness for a cause.
    The precise point is that very little changes for the better as a result voting and elections, especially in India. Drastic problems require better than average means and ways to the solutions.
    When Ghandiji acted, much of it was against the Constitution of the day. In this present time, very little heed or respect is paid to the Constitution by those who are supposed to be implementing it, hence the restlessness for change for a better system.

    Comment by Sudhav | August 22, 2011

  6. I loved the sound of these lines but dint really know what they meant. Thanks for sharing :)

    Comment by Indian Youth blogger | January 15, 2012

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