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My name is whatever…and I’m not a terrorist

I may be an extremist, a militant, an Islamist, a fighter, a jihadi…but I am not a terrorist.

This post was prompted by a 1500-odd words long article in a recent issue of TIME, “Somalia, Again” by Alex Perry.

The article’s description of the situation in Somalia is unsettling…but what was even more unsettling for me was the missing “T-word”

The article talks about Somalia being “much on the minds of those fighting terrorism these days“, then moves on to the leader of an Islamist group before mentioning a handful of jihadis based in Somalia. The next para mentions how Somalia’s extremistsare becoming an international threat“.

The article then meanders its way through a mention of “extremist groups” and “radical Islamists” before talking of hundreds of “al-Shabab fighters” that “have been pouring into Mogadishu recently in anticipation of a rumored TFG offensive“.

As I mentioned before, quite an unsettling article…but why the missing “T-word”?

Or is the word effectively banned in TIME reports? I hope to do some more digging on this in the days to come….

In the meantime, if you come across (or are reading) any article in TIME magazine related to terrorism, do try and see if you can spot the “T-word” – and please let me know.

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February 23rd, 2010 Posted by | Geo-Strategic Issues (incl. Nuclear, Oil, Energy), Global Terrorism, Media Related | 2 comments


  1. This is censorship at its best :)

    Comment by Dirt Digger | February 23, 2010

  2. When WTC is destroyed, its done by “Terrorists”, when Mumbai is destroyed, its done simply by “Attackers”, when Hindus (whatever left) and Indian Soldiers are murdered in Kashmir, its an act of “Militancy”…

    Comment by Hemant | February 27, 2010

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