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Was Rahul Gandhi really arrested at Boston in 2001?

…or is this one of the more popular but false “urban legends“? I think we have a right to know the truth.

Many of you (if not all) must have come across Shri Subramaniam Swamy’s press release from about two years ago that included an open challenge to the then President of KPCC, Sri Janardan Poojary to engage in a public debate about the status of Shri Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship and other matters.

In that press release, Shri Swamy had also talked about Shri Rahul Gandhi being arrested at Boston airport by FBI in September 2001.

I have so far refrained from commenting on this mainly because Rahul-ji was a lot less in the public eye and I felt that this was a personal matter that did not deserve media attention. I also found it somewhat hard to believe.

But after the time that I spent today on the net researching this matter, I have changed my mind.

During the course of my web trawl, I came across this report about a PIL filed in Lucknow High Court seeking information about the alleged detention of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2001.

The PIL was rejected by the High Court within two days of being filed but I could not find any reasons why.

Curiously, I found very little mention of this “detention” in the national press except for a few links (see here and here; also The Hindu). Both reports mentioned the matter of the “arrest” and suggested that he was released on the intervention of the Indian Ambassador to the US. However, The Hindu’s Washington correspondent mentioned in his report that “media reports of Mr. Mansingh having been brought into the picture to allow Mr. Gandhi to proceed on his onward journey from Boston to Washington “are simply not true.”

So what really happened?

Perhaps it was just a case of mistaken identity? or overzealous security?

In either case, what is there to hide? Given Rahul Gandhi’s role in national politics and image as a potential leader of Bharat, is this not a matter that the public deserves to know more about?

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P.S. Might this be a subject for a future Tehelka sting? Just wondering.

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Finally, does anyone know a] if this photo is genuine (if so, details of the source, original publication)? or might it be “doctored”? b] If it is genuine, details of where and when was it taken, what was the occassion and the context? and c] Is the person next to Rahul-ji, a friend, an acquaintance, a relation or a stranger?

Is this the photo referred to in Rajeev Srinivasan’s article?


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  1. These days getting arrested is a status symbol sanskrit “they say,”Yen ken prekarena prasidhhi pursho bhavet”

    Comment by Pramod | November 19, 2007

  2. 1. Please ask infamous Brajesh Misra (Vajpayee’s PMO head, and head national security council), whether that half-Indian/half-Italian fraud guy was arrested or not. Misra can give you the right (ohh wrong answer), as his daughter or son married to an Italian, and Misra keep strong family friend relationships with Antonia Maino alias Sonia Khan (fake) Gandhi clan.

    2. Ohh, did I say fraud guy. Yes, and I said it consciously and I have evidence to support. That half-Indian/half-Italian fraud guys’ affidavit to Raiberily loksabha election2004 provided us evidence:

    That guys qualification (as he mentioned in his affidavit): Senior secondary school certification, then M.Phil. in Development economics (Cambridge).

    3, Now the question: In which university/country in the world provide M.Phil course (Master of Philosophy, which is after MA/MSc/MCom; in England possible after BA/BSc (Honours)) after senior secondary school education?

    4. Many (including myself) have downloaded the affidavit from the nic.gov.in site (which is quickly removed from nic.gov.in election commission site).

    5. His mother, Antonia Maino is another fraud, who wrote in Parliament’s Who’s who: she have a English diploma from Cambridge university. Truth is that she was working as waitress in a Greek resturant in the Cambride town (Please don’t confuse Cambridge Univ and Cambridge town). Cambridge univ refuted her claim being a student at any time. Later, her champchas told in the parliament, it was a typographic error. And poor Rajiv fall into a trap for a waitress, which costs his life later (with Bofors scandal, Antonia Maino’s boyfriend or relative middleman Quaotrochi are reasons).

    6. Pramod: You are 100% right. Going jails or not going after murder, rape, fraudism, illegally acquiring weapons of mass destruction (like AK56 etc) are really proud achievements to add to CV to become leaders and celebreties. From jails, they compare themselves with Netaji Bose, MK Gandhi, Bhagat Singh etc and tell us how experiencing the jail life.

    Comment by Bharat | November 20, 2007

  3. Not many Indians know that as babies, Rahul was baptised as Raoul; and Priyanka was baptised as Bianca by their Catholic mother (Antonia Sonia Maino).

    So both Raoul Maino and Bianca Maino think its beneath them to marry Hindu Indians.

    Bianca (Priyanka) married a baptised Catholic Anglo-Indian (Robert Vadra) and Raoul (Rahul) is seriously in love with a Catholic Colombian girl.

    So, here is my sarcastic couplet praising Raoul Maino:

    Firangee ka hai Shaqal
    Bilkul nahi usey Aqal
    Karta Hai Antonia ka Naqal
    India ka karega Katal

    (Looks a European,
    Has No Brains,
    Copies Antonia,
    Will Destroy India)

    Comment by Reena Singh | January 16, 2009

  4. “Both Raoul Maino and Bianca Maino think its(sic) beneath them to marry Hindu Indians.”

    In India, normally, except for a very few communities like mine, the children normally take the father’s family name. You would have liked Indira Nehru better than Indira Gandhi? Lots of Indians believe it is below their dignity to marry dark women, out of or below their caste/community. In the riots in Gujarat, people who were in Hindu Muslim marriages were special targets. Half-breeds are out of the question.

    You need to
    1. Say something new.
    2. Improve your English.

    The rest is better said unsaid. Educated (even literate) people have no excuse writing like this. The purpose of education is to make you a wee bit better than the previous generation.

    Comment by Jayadevan | January 17, 2009

  5. @ Jayadevan: You said:

    2. Improve your English

    For most of us here, English is a second language…and some of us may have been less privileged than others in terms of education.

    Let us please limit our argument(s) to specific points rather than getting bogged down in grammar, syntax and/or spelling mistakes.

    I hope you understand. Thanks.

    Comment by B Shantanu | January 17, 2009

  6. Shantanu,

    Sorry about that. If I had had a point to debate other than the sheer pointlessness of the post.

    Comment by Jayadevan | January 18, 2009

  7. Dear Shantanu, since Jayadevan likes to make ad hominem attacks, I won’t disappoint him. I apologise, in advance, if you are offended.


    Tsk..tsk..Jayadevan, all this fuss over a missing apostrophe in my sentence. I thought you’d be smart enough to understand what I meant, but I guess not.

    I knew I would tick off some faithful lackey of the Italian Mafia family (that is ruling India) and here you are. Of course, the faithful lap-dogs of the firangees get easily offended when the Italian successors to the East India Company are held up to scrutiny. Kshamikkanam.

    If you think I need to dot my I’s and cross my T’s, then you really need to work on the English skills of your Italian Mata Roma.

    After all, Antonia Maino was the one that took an “English course” in Cambridge town, but lied in her affidavit (ahead of the Parliamentary election in 2004) that she was educated in the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

    If your Italian Boss needs any Indian language tutorial, then let me know – I am fluent in 11 Indian languages (from Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts of India) and will be happy to help her learn one.

    And finally, let me get this right. A white-skin fetishist like you is in agreement with me when I write that Raoul Maino and Bianco Maino think it’s beneath them to marry Hindu Indians.

    Of course, you came up with a ludicrous argument justifying the Maino Doctrine and defending the right of India’s “First” Family (descended from an Italian Fascist, no less) to discriminate against Indians based on our dark-skin.

    Thanks for your concern about my education. Looks like whatever little education you received couldn’t help you come out of your “white master- brown slave mentality” or increase your IQ, for instance.

    Pinne kanam, chae’tta.

    Comment by Reena Singh | January 20, 2009

  8. Reena,

    My little sister, I surrender. I apologize if I hurt your feelings.

    You know quite a lot of languages. Good for you. But you got me quite wrong. Maybe you didn’t read the word half-breed. I don’t usually use words like that – I don’t consider miscegenation a sin – my children are half-breed. This was just to rub it in, in your own style, that most Indians would normally shy away from a matrimonial alliance with either of the kids. I also do not hold a brief for any dynasty, be it the Nehrus or the Scindias. But being vituperative detracts/distracts from your message – now you know what attracts ad hominem attacks. Sthriyanna sthriyanchi bhasha shobhyathe.

    In any case, you still need to dot and cross. I still didn’t get the point you were making originally. This is a place where we discuss politics and morals and stuff like that, isn’t it? Why lower the tone?

    And we Indians do have a liking for fair skin. Is all that Fair and Lovely with Kumkumadi Thailam exported to Africa?

    Shall we now drop the whole issue now? Shantanu will be fuming at us going broadsides at each other on HIS blog. I enjoyed the fight – thanks!

    P.S. In all fairness, you get another go at me.

    Comment by Jayadevan | January 20, 2009

  9. I enjoyed reading both side arguments, I mean use of words. Jayadevan, I never thought English is a perfect langauge. No it is not!

    Jai Hind!

    Comment by Indian | January 20, 2009

  10. @Jayadevan,

    Apology accepted. If indeed, according to you, I need to “speak like a woman”, then you need to act dignified at your age – especially in the condescending language you use when addressing a woman.

    You justify your ad-hominem attacks on me because I dared to question the Maino Mafia’s feudalistic attitude, their sense of entitlement and their God-given birthright to rule India. I won’t be surprised if some people of your generation still have a masochistic attachment for the Congress and its ruling Italian Mafia.

    Do you see what you have done? In your own words, you have shown how unfit Raoul Maino and Bianca Maino are to rule India – due to their obsession with Christians (with European bloodlines, no less) and their veritable contempt for dark-skinned Indians.

    Please don’t give me any homespun yarn about “half-breeds”. At one snap of Mata Roma’s fingers, Congress party sycophants (white-skin fetishists) would have prostrated at her holy feet, thanked their luck at such good fortune and lined up their attractive Indian daughters & handsome Indian sons to meet Raoul Maino and Bianca Maino and discuss matrimonial prospects. So, why didn’t that happen?

    Comment by Reena Singh | January 22, 2009

  11. It is interesting and funny enough, how the blog sphere gets active during elections to take pote shots and hit below the belt on Rahul Gandhi. If someone really has some material proof and evidence on the issue they should come forward and produce it rather than tucking away by making allegations.

    I agree with Shantanu, that Indians need to know more about Rahul Gandhi who is the potential PM candidate of India. But if one needs to know more about him, why use below the belt approaach and spread rumours in the blog sphers rather than making a more direct and concerete efforts to know the person in question.

    On a different take, i do think that RSS, BJP adn the likes of VHP who hate the Nehru-Gandhi family have made efforts to spread rumours about the family earlier and now they are using internet as a medium to create an alternative opinion through blogs about the family. Added to this is the generation Y beleive blogs more than they belive the mainstream medium.
    All i am getting to here is bloggers need to exercise caution, as they haev the qunique power to shape the opinion of future of Indians.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 16, 2009

  12. Ashwin, you make a valid argument, but it can be turned around to the Congress and Gandhi family too – why don’t they release the educational records of Rahul to the press and put this controversy to rest for once and all? I don’t see why releasing copies of his records would be such a big deal – he is, after all, a politician and a public figure contesting elections, and such personal records regarding education and finances should be made available to citizens so that there’s transparency and openness.

    Or is it in their interest to keep the controversy alive? What’s there to hide about Rahul Gandhi’s education?

    The motto of India is ‘truth alone triumphs’ but that wouldn’t be evident from the way our politicians and people act.

    Comment by Kaffir | April 16, 2009

  13. @Ashwin, The original post doesn’t look like rumor to me. Rumors are not supported by good references. You might want to go through the links once.
    I’m glad Priyanka and Rahul didn’t marry an Indian Hindu and make them another psedo secularist like Teesta, Arundati, Brinda Karat, Rajdeep and hundreds of others. Atheists and non-hindus can be clearly identified when they are psedo, but these hindu psedos with chiristian/atheist influence are more dangerous. I’m with you overall.

    Comment by Nanda | April 16, 2009

  14. @Ashwin Kumaraswamy

    Ah..ahahaha…I see great love for Rahul baba! Bhay ho gaddi pati ra..j ki!

    Its not the story what nehru-gandhi family is its question of what millions of people wants.

    Ah…ahaha.. great hate for internet tools which is voice of people. Can I ask you why u hate voice of people when it can shape the future of Indians. We are doing the same. Its just because today its being used against your loving Nehru-Gandhi dynasty?

    As a human being we may have respect for everyone but that doesn’t mean any one can come to power without any qualification, experience and only on the credit of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

    Comment by Indian | April 17, 2009

  15. @ Kaffir
    It is the media and some right wing supporters who haev made the allegations. I have just asked them to provide evidence to back their claims. Rahul Gandhi need not be bothered about blogs and one off nnew report (people tried this earlier and have apologised for rising the isue without proper evidence).
    If those who think have a evidence, why dont you approach EC and courts – to press for actions. I dont see this happening because dubious information these journalists have can be backed in honourable courts. So the easiest way to hit back would be to create a sensational news and make insuniations such that it becomes a issue. Also the point to be noted is, all such issues come up only during elections.

    The sources and links quoted on various blogs are dubious and factually wrong. I have contacted Cambridge University and even they are surprised on the whole issue.

    I dont have any hate for internet tools now regards to freedom of speech. But with great power of technology also comes great responsibility. In the pretext of freedom of speech, one cant make allegations and personal insuniations.

    It is not the question of Rahul gandhi, can be you or even me for that matter.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 17, 2009

  16. @ Ashwin K.

    I understand your point but there are many questions.
    If I go by your above views and points–

    –It is the media and some right wing supporters who haev made the allegations.—

    Its true than its congress, (unholy alliances) and pseudo secular attitude who have made the allegation against BJP, RSS, VHP, Gujarat and Gujarat CM. right! The same Gujaratis and Gujarat dont need to be bother about what is said? Right!.

    —–So the easiest way to hit back would be to create a sensational news and make insuniations such that it becomes a issue. Also the point to be noted is, all such issues come up only during elections——–

    Same kind of sensational news was spread during 2002 riots?Right! The same source and films made on many false charges against Hindutva can also be wrong?Right!

    —The sources and links quoted on various blogs are dubious and factually wrong—

    Recently it is found Teesta setalvad cooked up all charges. Right! So factually wrong.

    If it can be true for one than can be true for other side too.

    —In the pretext of freedom of speech, one cant make allegations and personal insuniations—.

    Personal insuniation against Gujarati-hindus and Gujarat CM was alright?

    I am not fan of N, Modi or any such things, but justice to all is my view. And salt of gujarat is in my blood which speaks truth.

    What do you have to say when Ram Vilas Paswan said that he will give citizenship to all ilegal Bangladeshi? And UPA is silent on such issues.

    As long as I am working for the justice to everyone, Rahul Gandhi indirectly UPA, will be only question, not you and me. Power comes with responsibility? Right

    There are many such questions in everyone’s mind. When will you guys learn to speak up for all wrongs not just selected wrongs?

    Comment by Indian | April 17, 2009

  17. @ Indian

    I am happy to have a debate on various issues, but i guess this is nit the forum or the medium for the debate.
    I have commented on a very specific issue and also have verified my sources to make assertive pointst. If you are not happy with it, you are welcome to disagree. But i can only say get the facts right before a an article is posted. I was about to write a blog post on the very issue and in the process i spoke to Cambridge University to get my facts. Even you are free to get information from them.
    Thus i rest my case.

    Other issues, i am sure we shall debate and put forward our individual opinions in due course through Shantanu’s blog.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 17, 2009

  18. @ Ashwin: Very hurried response….

    Please read this post:

    It raises the following questions:

    1] Was Rahul Gandhi’s degree in “Development Studies” or “Development Economics”?

    2] Did he complete the course in 1995 or 2005?

    3] Did he get a pass grade in the paper on “National Economic Planning and Policy” or not?

    Can you please share whatever information you obtained from Cambridge?

    By the way, the post is from last year (i.e. not written at the time of elections).

    I will look forward to to your response.

    Comment by B Shantanu | April 17, 2009

  19. This is the report in expressbuzz.com (The New Indian Express) on Rahul Gandhi’s M.Phil: Truth about Rahul’s MPhil by Express News Service.

    Comment by KSV SUBRAMANIAN | April 17, 2009

  20. This is the link to an article “Rahul Gandhi, spin doctor” by Aditya Sinha in the New Indian Express:

    Comment by KSV SUBRAMANIAN | April 17, 2009

  21. @ Shantanu

    Cambridge university has confirmed to me on phone that Rajiv Gandhi indeed passed in the year 1994-1995 and he did got pass mark.

    I dont see any correlation between marks scored and political leadership which is all about making decisions based on needs and requirements of the people.

    I have asked them to confirm either in a email or through a letter from the university. As and when i get it i shall share the information with you.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 18, 2009

  22. http://www.expressbuzz.com/Images/article/2009/4/7/7apr_rahul.jpg

    Here is the certificate which states 2004-2005.

    Now the question of qualifications for ruling is another matter, For example Kamaraj had not passed even his high school and he had no qualms about saying he is not qualified , a reason he annointed Indira Gandhi as PM. Kamaraj did a lot for TN ( where I lived for a good part of my life).

    Now what is the truth 2004 -2005 or 1994-95 and Rahul is shown failing in one subject. Or was he pushed as he was a fee paying student, which is happening to all Universities, even the best ones, post globalization circa 1993.

    Comment by gajanan | April 18, 2009

  23. …and the way Indira Gandhi treated Kamaraj later has to deemed as one of the most worst Karmas , without even an iota of Dharma

    Comment by gajanan | April 18, 2009

  24. @Ashwin: “I dont see any correlation between marks scored and political leadership which is all about making decisions based on needs and requirements of the people.”

    But I see a correlation between political leadership and economy with the truth, dont you? It’s negative off course!

    Comment by Hrishi | April 18, 2009

  25. Surely, it is the qualities in any person that matters more than academic qualifications. Truthfulness and credibility are some of the qualities too. Perhaps for Ashwin Kumaraswamy the crown comes as a family heirloom and nothing else matters!!!

    Comment by KSV SUBRAMANIAN | April 18, 2009

  26. @ Gajanan

    My reply was based on the link and alleged transcript the new indian express reporter seems to have got. Hence the most up to date information is what i have posted, as this was acertained in the last two days.

    @ Hirishi
    I agree that one needs to be up to date to make required political decisions. There will be no short of political advisors one can appoint to get a heads up on various issues. What is more important is Rahul should understand complex problems of India and for this, i guess he has to travel across india and mingle with the people to know that.

    More importantly education qualification has no co-relation to quality of political leadership one can provide – this is irrespective of who the person in question.

    What i dont want is, all of us making our opinion based facts which are not precisely correct. The medium of internet is so power, i wish with this power we show some sense of responsibility rather than just latcching up everything.

    At the end of the day, all we need to know is truth and that is what i have been trying to bring out.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 18, 2009

  27. The New Indian Express front paged the report “The truth about Rahul’s MPhil : A Cambridge certificate shows the errors in his poll affidavit. A facsimile of the certificate issued by University of Cambridge with signature and seal was also given. Shri Ashwin Kumaraswamy states that “My reply was based on the link and alleged transcript the new indian express reporter seems to have got. Hence the most up to date information is what i have posted, as this was acertained in the last two days.” Nowhere he has stated that what he has got, what is the authenticity. A newspaper publishing a report with a facsimile of a document is more credible than what Ashwin says. At least he could have written to the New Indian Express rebutting their claim. It would give more credibility to the claim of Ashwin.

    At the end of the day it is not any degree certificate issued by any university that is going to bestow qualities, including leadership qualities in any person. It is the primary qualities such as truthfulness, credibility, morality, ethics, principles, sincerity and an innate desire to achieve the best for the people and the country which will enable the leader to motive the people all around him including the bureaucracy to work for the good of the cause.

    Comment by KSV SUBRAMANIAN | April 18, 2009

  28. KSVS, Ashwin is confused betweeb Raul Vinci in the certificate and Rahul Gandhi in real.

    For sure many were confused indeed.

    Kya Zamana hai. Kalyug me kuch bhi hota hai.

    Comment by gajanan | April 18, 2009

  29. Can I ask why cambridge university was surprised of whole issue? They just got surprised but not ready to issue certificate then and there?

    Or Is Rahul the king of India that cambridge got surprised? I smell arrogance! Public of India is not dumb, gone are the days when dumb use to give unnecessary attention to them and supplying them with air. Even a small Jawan does lot of sacrifices for the country but he never ask for a big piece of pie. It is a clear case of Nehru, Pilot, Scindia, etc..etc dynasty.

    Comment by Indian | April 18, 2009

  30. India should demystify dynastic politics. That is the only solution.

    Comment by gajanan | April 19, 2009

  31. Excerpt from Varun told HC he has degrees from LSE, SOAS; the institutions say he does not

    On March 19, Varun Gandhi appealed to the Allahabad High Court to quash the criminal case filed against him for making hate speeches in Pilibhit. In his petition, a copy of which is with The Indian Express, Gandhi claimed he had graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE), and then received a Masters degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

    Both LSE and SOAS have now said Gandhi’s claim is not accurate.

    In his writ petition, Gandhi submitted: “That the petitioner is a well-educated and peace-loving citizen and has done his BSc Economics from the London School of Economics in the year 1999 till 2002, and thereafter went on to do his MSc in public policy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in the year 2002-2004.”

    In a widely-circulated e-mail to faculty and alumni, Zeba Salman, alumni relations officer at SOAS, said Gandhi did not complete his course at SOAS. “Feroze Varun Gandhi withdrew from his MSc programme at SOAS, and hence did not actually graduate from SOAS,” Salman wrote. Dr Rachel Dwyer, faculty member at SOAS, confirmed this to The Indian Express.

    Comment by B Shantanu | April 19, 2009

  32. @Shantanu: If Varun is indeed wrongly claimed that he is a graduate from “University of London’s London School of Economics” and M.Sc., from SOAS why the following report about the alumni dissociating from Varun Gandhi’s values etc.


    According to Wikipedia “He attended the Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh, India. Varun earned a degree from the University of London’s London School of Economics through their distance program, and then studied for Masters at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. [3], although he did not finish the requirements.”

    Anybody making such false claims is a fraud and untruthful and unfit to be a leader. Varun should either come with a denial to the above mentioned IE report or else furnish enough proof (being a public person and a budding leader) to retort their (IE) insinuation.

    Comment by KSV SUBRAMANIAN | April 19, 2009

  33. Rahul Gandhi Education Qualification

    I now have a letter from Cambridge University, that states that Rahul Gandhi indeed graduated in the year 1994-1995. Hence i guess the issue can be laid to rest.

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 28, 2009

  34. Scan the letter, make it a website and post it here. Then the issue can be buried. Otherwise why did Newindpress publish the certificate as in post 19 and post 21.

    Comment by Oza | April 29, 2009

  35. @ Oza

    I dont need to do that, as Rahul Gandhi has already initiataied an action today against the new paper and the journalist who made slanderous remark. I have also been told, the same action would be initiated against the blogs which have quoted and displayed fradulent certificate.

    I can put up the certificate, just waiting for permission to use the same. Once i get it, i would not have any issues sharing the same.

    A l

    Comment by Ashwin Kumaraswamy | April 30, 2009

  36. Article on this web site about blogging.


    Comment by gajanan | May 1, 2009

  37. He is not Rahul Gandhi, Right! He is Raul Vinci! Can anyone shed light on this name please! And how come a person who congress thinks of PM material dont remember the dates and year of passing. I read, he gave wrong dates and years on paper(affidavit).

    Comment by Indian | May 1, 2009

  38. *** COMMENT DELETED ***

    *** NOTE by MODERATOR ***

    Ramesh: This is a duplicate comment (copy-and-paste of your earlier comment on the Periyar post). Pl avoid duplicate comments and please use the appropriate thread for posting your comments/ links.

    Use the “Search” box at the top of the right-hand menu bar or the “Categories” drop down menu at the bottom.


    Comment by Ramesh | May 2, 2009

  39. @Ashwin Kumaraswamy

    So much for your so-called “slanderous remark by journalist”, The New Indian Express says it stands by its report.

    Some of the things that Congress does best is to Suppress Freedom of Speech and Civil Liberties (e.g. Emergency). Thankfully, its gag order didn’t work in this case like it didn’t in US.

    Comment by blogger | May 7, 2009

  40. Is anyone aware of any reaction by Congress or anyone else to these statements by Sh Subramanian Swamy? Thanks http://bit.ly/dmnO4b

    Comment by B Shantanu | November 14, 2010

  41. Overall Rahul Gandhi is not a good national leader.
    He should not be our next Prime Minister.

    Comment by Niranjan | November 15, 2010

  42. Agree with Reena Singh in totality!

    We still have some amongst us who have the mentality of being subservient to the white masters. It is because of people like these that India and Indians were ruled for over 250 years by foreigners and THAT IS AGAIN THE REASON WHY WE STILL ARE RULED BY THE FOREIGNERS!

    The only claim to fame for Rahul (Alias Raul) is that he was born in the Gandhi-Nehru DYNASTY!

    I pity the people who say that he is the future prime minister. Though he may become the PM because of such people. God save our country from this arrogant Gandhi-Nehru (DYNASTY) and their sychophants.

    Comment by sunil Kumar | June 6, 2011

  43. totally agree with reena and mujhe bahut hansna aa raha hai…

    on Respected Mr. Ashwin Kumaraswamy , what a git he is…

    Cambridge university contacted him on phone…. and now uske paas score card / certificate hai….. and

    he is waiting for raul vinci , or some other to permit him to publish….

    ohhh… i am so so flatterned by his power and reach..

    in jaise logo ke karan…. hi aaj tak bharat gulam jesa hai.. or tarakki nahi kar paaya hi…

    bcz tarakki SWISS BANK account ki ho rahi hai na….

    RAJASTHAN ke AAMER ke fort me nikale khazane ko Gandhi pariwar ne within one night india se bahar gayab karva diya tha,,,

    aaj tak usi chori ka khaa rahe hai…

    Comment by raj singh sindal | June 7, 2011

  44. i think rahul gandhi studied at Cambridge or not is not important. our concern should be is he telling the truth. sonia and rahul both could lead this country in future(unfortunately). why they just don’t show their degree (if they have)put an end to raging controversy.
    secondly how long people in india will accept a prime minister whose only qualification is the suffix “gandhi” after his name.

    Comment by vimal upreti | June 10, 2011

  45. Rahul indeed passed out of Cambridge


    Comment by alexis | June 22, 2011

    Do you think even the education from Cambridge made any difference between Raul ad other Indian politicians???

    Hardly any, Once elected they behave in the same manner.
    Misuse power, become corrupt and selfish.
    There was a cacophony before 14th Loksabha elections of 2009, YOUNG TURKS
    under Raul Gandy. What ‘s the status today??

    Courses for politicians should be Degrees in corruption, nepotism, Parivarvaad and Misrepresentation?

    Does he really qualify for national leadership??
    He has never spoken on the following Issues::
    1. Inflation
    2. Corruption
    3, Development
    4. Rest of the country, except U.P.
    5. Black Money
    6, Population Control
    7. Infrastructure
    8, Economy &
    9, Functioning Of MANMOHAN SINGH’S Govt.

    Please bring all telephonic calls on record you have made to collect data on the above issues?

    Education is important but its Optimum usage is more Important.

    Comment by responsible | July 4, 2011

  47. We are harping on Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci blah blah blah……But one thing have you noticed?
    Rahul arrested in Boston, Sonia calling Vajpayee, Vajpayee asks Brajesh Mishra to intervene…..So isn’t it a clear indication of the political clout, irrespective of the party, caste, creed. It seems like they all know each others misdeeds, help each other in times of needs, only to use it at a better time.
    It’s only a game of cunning manouvres and political ploy, which has no connection at the betterment of the society or country.
    We talk of business tycoons like Tata, Birla, Ambani.
    It’s time we bracket the Nehrus (mind it, not Gandhis…), Scindias and Pilots along with them. The difference is…..No Investment BUT Maximum Profit.

    Comment by Sumantra | August 10, 2011

  48. Many Indians in the name of educated elite, tend to defend the fake-Gandhi family as if they were the divine descendants from heaven? They think all is fair when the nakli-Congress wages huge wars and heinous propaganda blitzs against Hinduism and HINDUTVA, with the active and full support of the International Christian and Communist Media, in order only to get the Muslim Votes for its narrow electoral and political gains – but even when the BJP the main opposition which is supposed to be a pillar for the democracy, feigns just ignorant and stays away feels shy and runs away from even the necessary debates on such Indira-style wars for power, Sonia-style goebbel-type lies and canards, they (the pseudo-elite) tend to drag in the name of blame RSS out of context, and blame it(RSS) only to bail out the wretched ruling party from its obligation to answer such questions of public interest and account for its misdeeds, crimes and sins (including EMERGENCY-1975 etc.,) against the common people of India, of course including the Hindus,(inspite of their sin for being a silent and docile majority)??

    Comment by Pandu RV Kuchibhotla | November 22, 2011

  49. The latest on this..
    From a letter to CBI written by Dr Subramanian Swamy:
    Third, I have information that Mr.Rahul Gandhi was detained in Boston’s Logan Airport by US law enforcement authorities sometime in the later half of September 2001. He was in possession of $160,000 in cash which he did not declare upon arrival. US Customs require all amounts above $10,000 in cash to be declared, and if not every $10,000 instalment carries a 8 year imprisonment, if convicted. This means Rahul Gandhi was indictable for a prison term of 144 years. However, the then Principal Secretary to the PM, Mr.Brijesh Mishra, to my knowledge, had intervened with US Secretary of State, and arrangements were made get to Mr.Gandhi released.

    In his deposition to the US authorities before returning to London Mr.Gandhi had declared that the money was his, and he had drawn it out of his secret account in Pictet Bank, head quartered in Zurich, Switzerland. I may mention here later that while studying in Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, USA, Mr.Gandhi paid his Tuition and other fees to the College from his secret accounts.

    Comment by B Shantanu | December 10, 2011

  50. *** Comment Edited ***

    And so far, a couple of people have come seriously close to the textbook definition of being a ‘messiah’ in this regard. One of them happens to be the brightest star of Indian Politics and his name is Rahul Gandhi. The name is spelt R-A-H-U-L G-A-N-D-H-I. I consider him to be one of India’s best hopes, if not the only one.
    And here’s a message for the rest of the losers. Trying to badmouth this prince might give you some level of satisfaction for a moment, a day, a week or a month, but you will never be able to stop him from getting what he deserves. And he deserves to be right at the top.
    Rahul, you have my vote.

    Comment by would it help to know my name? | December 11, 2011

  51. Adding this here for the record:

    and this headline from ToI – since removed

    Comment by B Shantanu | January 9, 2012

  52. I am sorry, but what’s the point here?

    Rahul Gandhi is a man who doesnt deserve even a mention on such a blog about India’s future.

    Rahul baba is a joke who is called a youth leader even at 40!

    Comment by Indian Youth blogger | January 15, 2012

  53. over all its really shamefull for all indians that they has made such situation in which rahul(roul) or gandhi nehru family like hidden hound are situated himself as ours future maker. think………………………….think seriously about this. this is only and only we indians fault.

    Comment by prabhu | January 26, 2012

  54. Subramaniam Swamy put it so eloquently. “Woh to buddhu hai”.

    Comment by Sridhar | March 13, 2012

  55. Pl read my comments at #49 re. the role of Sh Brajesh Mishra.
    This piece by Dr N Rajaram seems to confirm Dr Swamy’s assertion: ‘COUP’ THAT WAS NOT A COUP: ARMY CHIEF ROW 2, from which this excerpt:
    And who is this Brajesh Mishra who called V.K. Singh the “worst army chief in history” and demanded that he be sent on forced leave? Is he a military expert? Hardly, he was the National Security Advisor in the NDA Government where he had a most undistinguished record. Mr. Kashyap makes the following interesting observation: “If the intent was to ensure the immediate sack of Gen Singh – to augment a previous demand by the NDA’s national security adviser Brajesh Mishra who inexplicably received a Padma Vibhushan from the UPA, allegedly for reasons of proximity to its reigning monarch – Gupta should have paused before leaping without looking.”

    So here is the clue— Brajesh Mishra is close to the dynasty though he served in the NDA. It may be noted that his daughter Jyotsna is married to an Italian and lives in Italy. But more significantly, as Prime Minister Vajpayee’s secretary during the NDA regime, Mishra rescued Rahul Gandhi when he was detained in the Boston Logan Airport by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Authority (or the FBI) for carrying a huge amount of unaccounted cash—more than $200,000—in his briefcase. (U.S. law limits the cash that can be carried to $10,000.) This was reported in The Hindu on September 30, 2001.

    So that was what earned a Padma Vibhusan for Brajesh Mishra. Padma Vibhushan is a very high civilian award. As a basis for comparison here are two awardees— Field Marshal Manekshaw and nuclear physicist Dr. Raja Ramanna. They are now joined by one Brajesh Mishra. (It is fortunate they are not here to witness it.) It is not just in journalism that standards have deteriorated. Look at who was the President that gave the award to Brajesh Mishra.
    From once upon a time, when such headlines were possible: “Was Rahul Gandhi detained by FBI?” http://j.mp/ICUJWZ Mark it

    Comment by B Shantanu | April 13, 2012

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