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Open Thread on Elections 2014..

Dear All: I’m opening this  thread for all discussions, comments and news/articles re. the Lok Sabha 2014 elections…I shall be using the space within the original post to add interesting/relevant/critical links (placeholders below). I will respond to your comments/ observations via the comments section.
*** Relevant & Interesting Commentary, Articles, Videos, Photos ***
1. Can anyone stop Narendra Modi?” - The Economist (where I stumbled on this sentence: “Unlike other BJP leaders, Mr Modi has refused to wear a Muslim skullcap..”).  Alongside, Sanjeev Ahluwalia’s *must read* analysis of “Why did the Economist bark?”
2. Kanchan Gupta predicts …

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Dear Mahesh: We have not met before so pardon the impertinence (& the presumptuous nature) of this open letter. I was prompted to write this after reading your recent post on Why do so many of us love Modi?.
You began your post with “some hygiene issues”. In that vein, here are mine: Like you,  I’m not getting paid to do this. And like you, I’d love to be paid to blog! More importantly, I am not associated with the BJP, nor with the Sangh (although I am a supporter of …

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A recent interview that was carried over at the CRI website on my AAP experience. 

What were the key reasons that motivated you to join AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)?

The key reasons were my belief that they were different, that I could contribute and shape the thinking of the group in certain areas of policy and my belief that someone with my kind of background would be useful for the party.
I was also hopeful that by joining and engaging directly with the party, I could interest at least some AAP members in the ideas …

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On my “departure” from FTI etc..

Last year, within a few hours of my public declaration of joining AAP, I realised that I was “locked out” of all FTI-related forums and groups, including at least one group that was not exclusive to FTI members (“Rule of Law Front”).
The common thread in these groups was that they were being managed by ex-FTI colleague Sanjeev Sabhlok. I am not sure whether the decision to bar from me one/all groups was his or the entire group, but it was not until later that I realised this was the outcome …

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Continued from Part I..
The first is the fact this is really not just about “Education for the Poor”. It is actually “Education for the Disadvantaged and the Weaker Sections” of the society.  In the absence of norms and guidelines about what exactly does this mean, this has been left open to interpretation. Different states and institutions have interpreted “Disadvantaged” and “Weaker” in their own different ways, most opting for a split of the 25% between these two sections.
The second, important, point: The act only applies to intake at Class I. What …

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On the mess that is RTE..

Almost five years back in 2009, India enacted a “landmark” bill and created a new “Right” – the “Right to Education”. Normally a new “right” ought to be celebrated. But as columnist Meeta Sengupta wrote around the time, “..(this) should also..be a moment of pure fear, for we have made a commitment to something big, something we have never done before, something we have no idea of how to do.”
Her words – especially the part about “no idea of how to do” – were prescient.
Take, for example, the grand announcement that 25% …